The Answer to a Request can be a ‘No’ too!
|   Jun 28, 2017
The Answer to a Request can be a ‘No’ too!

Children these days assume that all their wishes and requests will be granted. We have to be smart and learn to sift and sieve all the requests, demands or wishes made by our kids. Our kids are exposed to variety of stuff ( in school , television, social media etc. Are they need based? I think it is a way to escape and avoid unnecessary discussion. But mind you, this only makes the kids demanding.  They would never learn to be good decision makers. When young, they just follow their friends. If not dealt with at an early age this habit will graduate into a serious problem.

A boy of sixth standard forced his parents to buy him a fancy cycle to go for tuitions. What he landed up doing is riding that bike on a busy road hands free. It is true that kids know much more but what they lack is safety norms. The thumb rule in my house is to observe SAFETY at all times. We can reiterate this at appropriate times. As kids move to standard nine, bicycle is replaced by the demand for scootie or motercycle. Triple riding on a (scootie) Two wheeler  without helmet is rampant and the speed has no boundary. We think, we buy peace in the house by entertaining the unnecessary demands of our kids. It doesn’t stop here, the habit thus formed , of not hearing ‘no’ for an answer , now demands for a ‘Bullet mobike as soon as the teenagers step into college. Bike is a symbol of coolness both for boys and girls. Like charity begins at home, so does the safety lessons.  As a teacher, when I speak with the parents on this issue , their answer is that the kids do not listen. We have to inculcate the safety norms in the kids at a very tender age. I get goose flesh, when I remember that a 17 year old student of standard twelfth had to be brought to school in an ambulance to write his board exam as he had met with an accident while riding  a scootie. In another instance , Shiva had to undergo brain surgery and was hospitalised for three months in Ganga Ram Hospital.

This problem is not gender specific . Girls are equally daring these days and have taken equality seriously.

Our kids are our assets. We need to train our children at an early age and teach them the traffic rules and appropriate age required for road safety. Learn to say ‘No’ but  justify the same , an unthought and unprocessed ‘Yes’ can be devastating. Avoid temporary escapism for a permanent  safe parenting.



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