|   Nov 15, 2015

As parents we receive inputs regarding sanskaars. Are sanskaars all about doing the house hold chores? Shouldn’t these mean raising compassionate, confident and beautiful human beings?

Yesterday, when I took my little one to the park, I got into a conversation with a lady somewhere in her mid fifty’s. She looked quite content with the way she had lived her life and brought up her children. She has a girl and two sons. Her husband has a government job. She has lots of land back in the village.

At a leisurely pace she started telling me about her life and the difficulties she had while raising her children. She sent her children to good schools and colleges and made sure they had good education irrespective of the expenditure. She spoke about her daughter, who is the eldest of the lot. She gave her a good education along with MBA. She works for a top notch company. I was very pleased to listen to that. It made me feel that these days’ people want their daughters also to excel.

Then she started talking about the “sanskaars” she has embedded in her daughter.  She said that she has given her daughter such good sanskaars that she can make 2 rotis while working. She made sure that she taught her all the house chores along with cooking by the age of 7. Also, she mentioned that she is always well clad in suits and sarees. On hearing this I was a little taken aback. I glanced at my capris with my legs clearly visible and my mind started thinking about sanskaars. Are sanskaars the training we get in the kitchen or the ability to cook food and feed the family? Are these the factors that should be instilled in a girl for her to become sanskaari and in turn get a good match?

I was amazed and on returning home kept thinking of what she had said. My mother never forced me to get into the kitchen and prepare a meal or learn the kitchen work. Nor was I interested. I only learnt to toss a good meal after my marriage. And all through my younger days I have worn western clothes, and even now. Does this mean that appropriate sanskaars were not given to me? I always thought being sanskaari is much more than just working in the kitchen and wearing ethnics. If this is what sanskaars are then am sure not to pass them to my little one. I want her to be her and not get stuck in some grind.

I would like my daughter to be a good and compassionate human being. Is that not Sanskaari enough?

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