Being Eternally Beautiful- My way, my Choice, My Diet.
|   May 02, 2017
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Being Eternally Beautiful- My way, my Choice, My Diet.

Being Eternally Beautiful- My way, my Choice, My Diet.

Keep Fit Look good....haven’t we heard this mantra every time. At the gym, the aerobic classes, the zumba course, the yoga instructor and my inner soul pricking me every time I looked myself at the mirror. My luck had started on a great note on 5th April. As a part of the meet for Nestle a+ Slim organised by My City For kids I had an opportunity to master the art of fitness, make healthy food choice and bust the myth of health regime.  The truth, the distorted version, overheard gossips, the rumoured story all cracked at one place.

The Real fitness story

The event had some very popular faces who poured in their expertise; The Real fitness Story revealed.  The valuable words aptly complemented the cause for which we had gathered there.

Health is all about internal well being – “Being Eternally Beautiful”

Dr Smita Sundaram and Holistic expert Pallavi Chugh asserted some golden borders with their own experience and   expertise   which we need to abide, inculcate, inseminate in our daily life.

The Golden Rule cage

  • “Good health goes beyond good weight”
  • “Ignore or wake up to good health, it’s all up to you”
  • “Drink your solids and eat your liquids”
  • “1/4th what we eat keep us alive and ¾ of what we eat keep our Doctors alive”

The core mantra to good health

Our life style has metamorphosed into a new dimension, each dimension has its own set of draw backs, flaws and failings but that does not deter us from seeking the best. The right to live healthy, to breathe healthy, to run a marathon, to climb a peak, to set boundaries, to possess a body as beautiful from inside as from outside

The myth vs. reality block

Every weekend was all about the same old story, weekdays being another hackneyed tale. The routine of a reckless eater, the monotonous wardrobe, the ever panting saga of a mother, the frustration of ever growing waistline and the ultimate life of a life less being. The pregnancy story had a flipper side too that reflected at its best from the waist line. The unfit past is still a nightmare, the baby is the saving grace but life is more to it.

The result- Hidden fat, inertia, low metabolism and zero spirits.

My goals

I have invested into fitness resolutions from this year. Life is a gift.

  • Modified diet
  • 5 simple exercises
  • 5-10 minutes of simple work outs
  • Low fat milk and diet
  • Sunlight
  • Hydration
  • Making healthy food choices

Food choice creates the best wait lines-Healthy eating is directly proportional to healthy living

  1. Marathon goals are equally proportional to your diet plans
  2. Low calorie intake keeps the fat at a bay
  3. Milk is a complete food but choosing the right milk is the real task
  4. Nestle a+ slim is the perfect choice for a balanced diet, a bowl full of milk with cereals, the cool mango shake and the flavoured milk with sprinkle of almond and honey could be a treat to the tongue, the marathon goals are just another icing for the diet freaks

Myth vs. reality

  • Low fat does not mean less tasty
  • Eating less is the secret to a better body contour
  • Rigorous exercises moulds the body
  • Good health is all about physical regime
  • Full fat milk is the real essence of milk.

Some fun facts about Nestle a+Slim Milk

  • Is your glass of regular toned milk enough? NestleA+SlimMilk has 15times less fat.
  • The same old goodness of milk but without the fat quotient.
  • It contains 0.2% fat, the fat intake gets drastically reduced.

My Dream

  • I strive to work hard
  • I aim to fly light
  • My waistline and my fantasy dress ultimately should make a  pair
  • My marathon goals of running infinite miles 

My ultimate dream is to be light, feel lighter, aim high, run infinite miles, chase the butterfly, love my wardrobe and live to the fullest in the right way.

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