I could not talk about that to her
|   Sep 26, 2016
I could not talk about that to her

My little girl sat on the chair just at the corner of the door, family was shattered; we had no other option but to take our 10 year old with us. I had no place to keep her, she was holding my hand, and I had uttered a few words about the sudden demise of one of our loved one (a very close relative) I fumbled, I searched for better words, my mind scattered to gather the perfect way to tell her about the most harsh reality but I could not, I have always found the best words to adorn my writings but at that moment it was emptiness. I found it quite painful to escape her roving eyes; I was desperately seeking for answers because as an adult even I tried to seek explanations. I clinged to her, caressing her soft hands and took her to the remotest corner of the room, that scattered corner of the room where she would not see tears, shattered hearts and the truth of human existence (May be I was a fool to even think so) I yearned for that little space in that chaotic corner; I had all the intention of breaking away from the truth.

 I gathered all my wit to deviate her attention but at the end of the day I had to face her, I had to tell her, I had to share with her, I had to counsel her, life absolutely spoke of hurdles everywhere and as humans we try to seek logic or try hard   to elude the reality but was it feasible?

 There are times when events or occurrence does not manifold the way we assume, truth always stood there but it was never plugged inside us, may be each one of us desired to evade it. Death, an absolute truth, stood there always behind us, beside us, with us but the very concept of even discussing it amongst ourselves is shattering.

 Life unfolds itself in its own wavering ways, the future is fickle, life is uncertain and when reality strikes...the mind is absolutely ragged, the aftermath appalling resulting in depression, distress and severe mental, psychological and   behavioural syndrome.

As an adult we have our own healing mechanism, external and internal adaptable skills to withdraw and expunge from the memories with time but the whole concept of accepting this core truth as a child or an adolescent is a very intricate process. Proper counselling and enlightenment can heal and rehabilitate. It could be that little puppy or a neighbour or may be someone in  family. As the child realizes the truth of not being able to see the most beloved ones as he or she used to do in past, it challenges the basic life pattern. The initial set back of not finding the person nearby, of spending hours, days, months in a hopeless, disconsolate state is in itself depravation to basic human need. There could be a few things which could help a child regain the elemental confidence in life, in happiness, in joy, in assurance, in spirits ...the very basic will to live....to live happily.

Lets strike a conversation


Let’s talk- The beauty of birth, of existence, of relationships, of life and in between the biological reality.

Let's speak in a better tone- Let’s not preach and teach, let’s just take the normal tone, in our own very way, being over flowery or trying to be overtly positive would again spur abnormal inquisitiveness

Let’s just start on with conversation- About how life evolved, how it progresses.

Let’s counsel on life- We can do absolutely nothing about this phenomenon, man is bound by such conditions, helpless, a spectator. At the mercy of fate but it’s always good to counsel. " Acceptance" "Time"  "History "are some of the keywords. We  go on;  choice is what stays with us.

It can be the most compelling situation but at times life itself abounds us with a lot of these conditions,unknowingly, unwillingly  we try to compensate the void,  but there remains a choice (though undesired )

 A bit of positivity, a dose of counselling and the right kind of conversation can help our dear ones eradicate many mental and behavioural ailments. It surely can leave a better understanding in the young hearts or may be many who have left aside "life" with their loved ones and are just "living".

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