Of Football Match and Pink Shirts-Gender Stories Untold
|   Jul 24, 2017
Of Football Match and Pink Shirts-Gender Stories Untold

We are born as individuals; gender is a derived term, socially constructed sex. The society has created a web of notions with regard to the male and female gender.  The basic pattern of our thoughts have eventually been shaped with the instructed motif...freedom of expression was not a primal   ingredient while the behavioural pattern developed over years.

The stereotypical or the stereotypes are the norms of assessing a gender. The very archetypal syndrome which is expected from a specific gender is ‘ thankfully’  a borrowed one  with a lot of deviance and anomalies, variety does not find a place, everything is subjugated to pre conceived notion derived, set rules. Talking about 3rd world countries the progress is still on a lower graph but yes in urban India, people have started to think. That surely lays the first stone


A few observations from the archetype shelf

  • My son cried a lot while watching a movie
  • My daughter is obsessed with mechanical gizmos’
  • My brother loves to cling with soft toys
  • My daughter loves it when she does not use make up
  • My son plays with utensils; he has no eyes for other male specific toys
  • My daughter loves black and blue
  • My son says he would paint his wall pink
  • My daughter is football frenzy, she has those hysterical outbursts while watching a match
  • My son, he never takes the pain to turn on the sports page...weird na?

These goes on, the rhythm somewhere sets a different tone for the conventional social class. But what is norm, who sets the benchmark. The yardstick to delineate what is right for the other one is based according to a specified barometer.

 Each one of us have varied spectrum of thought mechanism, are born with multidimensional behavioural skills and have a   natural tendency towards life. Is it right to turn the steering according to the social perception and mould natural efficacy?

So next time try to think as a liberal parent....the boy might have an eye on the pink shirt on the shelf...or the little girl would rightfully approve her tanned skin after a rebellious football match..

The gender story is so well constructed by us....can we ever come out of that armour...rightfully...ever?


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