Dear Fellow Mommy, Thanks for adding a "Don't Do's " to my list of being a Good Mother :)
|   Aug 29, 2016
Dear Fellow Mommy, Thanks for adding a "Don't Do's " to my list of being a Good Mother :)

There are some events that shake you, make you or break you. Then there are others that leave you speechless, bewildered, not knowing how to react, whether to give back or just keep mum !! And that's when you decide to pen it down and tell the world about it. And my dear friend, if Karma hits you hard and right, the steamy article may end up being served on your table along with your morning coffee !! :)

One fine evening as a course of daily evening while with my both children in the park, one of my daughter's friend's mother came asking for me. We did see each other occasionally but were not formally introduced, and did not even know our kids played together. Apparently she wanted to give the invites of her daughter's birthday. She asked my daughter who is your mother, my kid pointed towards me and she said Hi, I just wanted to say Hi ! I said Hi, and off she went. I couldn't understand at that point of time. After an hour I saw all other children with invitation card except my kid. I was shocked as hell as to what did my baby do and why did she strike her off when she was already carrying her card and ready to invite !! What happened after she saw me !! We didn't even interact on any of the occasions, forget alone offending her deliberately !! I called my daughter and apologized to her and said I don't know what went wrong after we greeted !! What my 10 year old musician daughter ( My daughter is a talented young violinist, pursuing violin from London school of music) told me left me with tears of pride. She said "mumma, you don't have to feel sorry, its not your fault at all. My friend is equally embarrassed  of her mother, she wanted to invite me but her mother doesn't wants to" And she went off to play with her chirpy smile. I guess that's what music does to a person. It lifts one above all, a level higher !! I did feel sad and bad for a while, about how could someone decide based on whether they like me or not, not knowing me as a person !! For a while I patted myself for carrying a such a talent !! Jokes apart, I pity the lady who is serving such a role model for her daughters. What are her children observing and learning !! Is this the way she wants to raise her children !! Well, this is something I would leave to her. I am amazed at the amount of hatred filled in our hearts for people we don't even know !! Do we tend to judge, get prejudiced, have pre conceived notions about people, things and opinions so much that we close our minds and forget how our behavior affects our own children !! By the time they grow up to be an individual, we mould them into someone who they don't are. Most of the times we see our negatives and flaws in them, and the cycle goes on and on.

This incident opened my eyes and made me all the more conscious not to impose my ideas or beliefs on my children. Let them spread their wings and fly and grow up to be beautiful human being. :)

So Thank you dear friend, for flagging a behavior so strange that at least I will forever be conscious of not to do it, and not to hurt any little child.

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