On the very 6th day...the color yellow started becoming my non-favourite for long time.
|   Mar 11, 2016
On the very 6th day...the color yellow started becoming my non-favourite for long time.

It was a Sunday morning when me,my husband and mom-dad(in-laws) were having chit-chats and tea.All of a sudden i felt something and i rushed to washroom and i found my water broke.Finally a long wait was over , i was taken to OT as we were already told that there will be a C-Section because of less fluid around the baby. After few hours,whereas surgery took 40-45 minutes,but preprations for operation took a bit longer(like calling doc,keeping all the stuuff ready etc..).That life changing moment came into our life when doctors told congratulations it a GIRL!!!yuhooooo....thats second was combination of all wows plus aww moments..they showed me my daughter in OT only and she was the prettiest girl(a mother speaks here!!)my mother in law and my husband had already seen and very very very happy. After 3 days i got discharged and packed my bag to go to home ,to start a totally new life.The whole room was decked with ballons,posters,stickers,bedding, kudos to new papa!

Now it was 6th day and i found ,my babies eyes were a bit yellow,doctors had already collected her sample for jaundice test.But  we already realized that its positive.We went to hospital to collect the report and my littly was found to have jaundice.We were adviced to hospitalize her for phototherapy(under the light).People told us it is very common and sit in sunlight it will cure..but her bilirubin level was bit higher and being new parents we were scared and wanted to follow only Doctors and Science. My daughter was being laid under the light for 3-4 days to bring the bilirubin level down. The toughest part was they would take blood samples from those cute tiny hands morning and evening to check the level of bilirubin and i would cry more than her. I had totally forgotten my own pain of stitches i got during C-Section for delivery. Finally the level had come down and constant too and my baby was discharged.Happy..naah..Happiest!! :) :D her eyes still remained yellow for few days and till then i was still unhappy from inside. I didnt make her wear yellow for long not because i follow some myth but because i personally started disliking the color.

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