NO, You are Not being judged working Momma!
|   May 27, 2017
NO, You are Not being judged working Momma!

Ever since the Mira Rajput 'puppy' remark thing happened, I see almost all working momma's mercilessly bashing on and off social media those who say 'I can't go out and work, it will be unfair'. RELAX working momma's you are not being judged, you are doing a fabulous job and certainly are an inspiration. Infact there is a chance that you are being envied for being so blessed!

Now coming back to that ' I can't go out....' remark said in variety of tones and expression. Behind this very line lies a silent 'because' and an unfinished sentence. That unfinished sentence can vary from '.... because I do not have a family support'; '....because I need to look after my ailing mother/father in law'; '.... beacuse my husband travels/ shifts to different location frequently'; '.... because my husband is posted abroad/ remote location and I can't find a suitable job', so on and so forth. These reasons are often left unsaid as they are done explaining or do not have the guts to point out the difficulty in open, owing to the family contraints, thats when comes the variety in tones and expressions. 

Trust me working momma's, not even childbirth hurts as bad as a salary account saying zero balance. I know so many ladies highly educated, working in good position, drawing fat pay cheques, quitting post becoming a mother due to one of the unsaid reasons. I know there is a work from home option but even that has several constraints. The other day my mother stunned me when I was discussing at length what plans I have for my daughter and how I will make sure she becomes strong and independent in every walk of life, she said 'Did I not bring you up the same way? I planned the same for you!' Unwillingly, I have to mention here that my parents made me study B.Tech and MBA and I have worked for couple of years in reputed companies too.

This made me realize that we are all but puppets in the hands of situation life creates for us, no matter how educated or strong you are. So next time when this line props up, working momma's remember you are NOT being judged. Take a sip of water instead and wait for the unfinished sentence, who knows you might be of some help!

P.S.- The unwilling, always ready to take a dig and not-so-talented enough are not taken into consideration.

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