From Aunty to MAA #HappyMothersDay
|   May 04, 2016
From Aunty to MAA #HappyMothersDay

"Namaste Aunty Kaise ho?" to "Good Morning Maa" this journey did not take much time but I am blessed to be at this destination. I am talking about my dearest Mother-in-law. The reason I chose to write about my Mother-in-law instead of my own mother this mother's day is that I have admired her a lot in these two years and learnt a lot from her. I have dedicated so many mother's day to my mom but this one is for the super-lady in my life who has shown me a new perspective towards life.

I heard stories about the dangerous Mother-in-laws before marriage and this was the only reason I was scared to stay with my in-laws. But then I met this angel. She is a much better Maa than she was aunty to me. So down to earth and no show-off lady. A simple and a pure soul she is. 

I loved sleeping before marriage and now I was a married girl who should get up early and go in the kitchen. I had put 3 alarms in my mobile to get up the first morning but I was so tired after the wedding ceremonies that those alarms didn't even reach my ears. I slept till 10.30. As soon as I woke up and saw the time I jumped out of the bed with such a guilty face and went out scared. There I was greeted with a smiling face telling me to get fresh and have my tea. I thought this is the first day so I am excused I guess but I have to get up on time from now on. This continued for a week and I was cursing myself for not waking up on time. This lady never showed an expression of anger or disliking any act of mine. Slowly I got to know her better and one day I said " Mumma I am sorry for not getting up early please wake me up on time from tomorrow, I am not used to getting up so early". The reply I got was "Does my son get up so early? Why should I wake you up then. Enjoy your sleep. I never believe in waking up anyone from sleep unless and until I am told to do so." 

"But mom I don't like you work alone in the morning."

"Beta, I am used to it. I have been doing it for the past 25 years. You are new to it, take your own time adjusting to this new lifestyle."

This conversation left me amazed. First thought was "I am so lucky to have her as my Mother-in-law. I wish every girl gets a M-in-law like her."

She has been more liberal than my own mom. My mom used to shout at me for not doing some work or not helping her but never have my Mother-in-law ever raised her voice or even been silently angry with me. She lets me wear anything I like. She tells me to spend time with my hubby when he comes back from office and takes care of the dinner. She is such a sweetheart. She has gone through a lot in her life and that has made her so strong physically and mentally. One thing she believes in is that the things she faced in her marriage from her in-laws should not be faced by me at any cost. The mistakes she made as a wife should not be made by me. She teaches me- Be a mother but never forget that you are a wife too.

She has taught me to look at life with positive attitude. Whenever I feel angry about anything her one dialogue helps me let it go and that is "arre jaane de na yaar". I really doubt if I will ever be able to manage office and home as beautifully as she does. 

We talk all funny stuff, gossip about some pokey relative and share a lot of our feelings to each other. Someone who meets us the first time never believes that she didn't give birth to me. She has literally kept me as her real daughter. I am blessed by Almighty, i wish all women hold each other's hands in the same way, life will become much easier for every woman.

If any Mother-in-law is reading this think that I am your daughter who is writing this and imagine how a girl feels with such a nice Mother-in-law and please treat you Daughter-in-law as your own daughter, rather treat her as another woman living with you who deserves equal rights and love as you or your daughter would.

My Mother-in-law is creating and building another angel Mother-in-law (me) who will again try and make another one in future. So all Daughter-in-laws reading this please be such a MOTHER(-in-law) that makes your DAUGHTER(-in-law) proud and happy. No matter what you are facing in present, it may be a wonderful life with your Mother-in-law or a really bad one but pledge to be a good one yourself. You can bring change in future generations and you can only save your sons from the tension of your tu-tu-main-main.

My Maa is my inspiration, my teacher, my buddy. I love her a lot. Happy Mother's Day Maa.

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