She looked at the picture on the wall- Mom I miss you!
|   Dec 08, 2016
She looked at the picture on the wall- Mom I miss you!

Piya hastily picked up her bag, rolled a parantha in a foil and ran to catch the 7.40 am bus. As she managed to grab a seat in the bus, she took out her everyday diary and started doodling. It was her everyday journey in the bus that helped her spend time with her real self. She loved drawing things around her. 

Piya reached her office and the day passed as busy as it could be. She was tired that day, more than the normal days at work. She waited at the bus stop for her bus to arrive. She was late so the frequency of buses reduced. She stood there thinking only about crashing in her bed. But she was also hungry. She thought of eating something from the restaurant near her house but then drove the idea away as she only wanted to go home straight. The bus arrived but to her despair there was no seat available so she had to travel standing. This generally happens when a person is tired, she thought to herself. Her eyes were closing with every movement of the bus. That was enough to trigger her to sleep. She saw a young lady making her baby sleep by rocking him in her arms. She thought of her mother who might have done similar things for her to make her sleep. Now she doesn't even have her mother beside her to put her head in her lap. She thought of talking to her mother before sleeping and tell her how much she missed her. 

The bus reached her stop and Piya walked for around 15minutes to reach her building. Her feet were also hurting a little because of the new footwear she bought few days back. She passed the restaurant she thought of having her dinner at but didn't stop even to look at it. She didn't want her brain to signal her tummy that food is somewhere near. 

She took the lift and reached her flat. Opened the door and went straight to kitchen to grab a packet of wafers. Piya threw her sandals, handbag and just landed on her bed like a child wishing to land on a cloud. It was the best place in the world that time. She ate the wafers as if that was the last edible thing left on earth. She was about to doze off and suddenly remembered she didn't talk to her mom. She didn't do that often as she didn't like telling her mom that she missed her.  But that day she felt different about her. She sat on her bed and looked at the picture on the wall. And started pouring herself out-

Maa I miss you! It's been long without you, I usually don't show how I feel for you but today I want to tell you how much I miss having you beside me. Every morning when I wake up I wish to hear your voice again calling my name to wake me up but it's the alarm instead that makes unwanted noise. I still buy the perfume you always used to spray in my home, this way I feel your presence. 

While preparing my breakfast and lunch I wish you were there beside me to tell me what I am doing wrong. I know you would have sent me out of the kitchen to cook all by yourself  and I would not have to eat this sometimes without salt, sometimes more salty, sometimes half-cooked food. Maa I want you to teach me how to cook. 

While locking the door every morning I wish to see you say bye and reminding me to carry things I usually forgot. I miss the look on your face when I told you while running late to throw my things from the balcony. Now if I forget something I have to do without it. 

I miss how you called me to check if I reached safely and on time to college. Now nobody cares if I reach on time but I get a lecture if I am late to work. 

I come back every evening to an empty house that never asks me a hundred questions about how my day was. I have no one to show my happiness to or to take out my anger on. I sometimes sleep empty stomach when I am too lazy or tired to cook and yes now I know how to manage my money too. I miss the plate full of hot food waiting for me and you asking me after every few bites if I want more. 

Maa I miss you but I have learnt to live on my own. I am still your happy-go-lucky girl, your chirpy little baby. I know you would get worried about me after hearing all that I said just now, that is why I don't tell you all such sentimental stuff, but Maa trust me your strong daughter is doing fine. 

Now please sleep well wherever you are and kiss me good night Maa. I miss your good night kisses too. 

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