We Need More Sharing
|   May 18, 2016
We Need More Sharing

Around a year back I saw a couple buying a PS-2 for their kid, I happened to overhear their conversation as I was standing about two feet away from them. They asked their child if it was his final decision to buy it and he nodded with a big smile. Then came a statement from the lady that made me raise my eyebrows - "I will buy it only if you promise you don't let your friends play with it, this so expensive and we are buying it for you and not for them". This incident didn't bother me after I stepped out of the showroom until few days back as now I have a growing child in my home. I was thinking of what all basic values to start teaching and preaching that will make him a good human and things that will make him #ReadyforLife.

While remembering the above incident I decided that Sharing is one thing my child should learn for sure. This is one habit I have grown up with. We are three siblings, me being the eldest. Our parents taught to share at a very young age. Whenever any of us got any eatable from school all three of us never ate it there in school itself. We brought it home even if it was a small toffee. after returning home we sat with mom and asked her to share it in three equal parts. There was no toy or book or eatable that we didn't share with each other and that too happily. Any good habit has to be started from home. Teaching kids to share their things with family members is the first step towards kindness and humanity.

By the term sharing I don't only mean "things", it also means "time" which is a very practical and important aspect that we forget. Sharing gives happiness and helps kids spend quality time with each other. It helps kids value feelings of others. These days I see parents encouraging their kids to jump queues, keep their things with themselves, having environment at home where adults don't share things and everyone has things they call "mine". What kind of a generation are we building! Kids knowing the art to share know that they don't own the world and everything can be used by everyone that helps them tackle life easily. Also if they are not able to get what they want they should be taught to take that thing sportingly as life is always not as we want it to be. Adults who have value of sharing can easily adjust in situations that life throws at them as they are not afraid to lose things and are sensitive enough for others' feelings. Helping the unfortunate is a beautiful feeling that children will love. This way they learn not to discriminate but to spread love by sharing.

We distribute sweets, eatables or some clothes to an orphanage and old age home every year on my husband's grandparent's anniversary. Once I was just telling my nephew about the practice of sharing and gave him such examples, he was listening very carefully. He got up and ran into his room, got one of his toy and said "Maasi do you know Raju?" I tried remembering and shrug my shoulders not recollecting who he was. He explained very patiently that he is that little boy who plays with sand everyday at the corner of the road near his school. "Maasi, can I give this toy to him? He dirties his hands everyday playing with sand." There was a smile on my face of pride. I could see my own child in him who would learn such beautiful values in few years to come.

Achieving in life is very important but values like this will make your kids have people around to share that happiness with. Do make them capable of reaching the top but don't forget to balance it with humanity and care.

I want my child to face life with strong values and sharing his knowledge, things, feelings does not make him poor, small, weak or any less than others. I want to raise a compassionate human who doesn't fear away from failure as he will get his share of success and happiness anyhow. Sharing makes children #ReadyforLife there is no doubt about it.

Share kid, sharing will make you happy,

share with your friends and mommy and daddy.

Give your love, give your time,

your life will be melodious as a chime.

Sharing is caring, sharing is fun,

Learning this magic, you will shine in long run.

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