|   Jul 06, 2016

At long last the monsoons have arrived in our cities. The drop of rain on the parched earth has offered blessed relief to the land and our hearts. After all which other season makes its presence known with such pomp and splendor? There is a charm to this season which words cannot describe. And of course with the arrival of the monsoons my heart took a trip down memory lane to relive the days of my childhood.
Those were indeed glorious days. Our parents used to wholeheartedly allow us to get drenched till the bone in the rains and have the time of our lives with friends. It was a tradition with me and my sister to enjoy the downpours of Mumbai with our colony friends and play to our heart’s content. After having a gala time we used to return to warm haldi doodh and pakodas.
Monsoons were the times of the smell of wet earth, scalding hot meals, colorful raincoats and umbrellas, mud-pools and the innocence and abandon of childhood. And how can I forget those monsoon picnics. Before the age of smartphones and I-pads times were different. We, as children would eagerly await monsoons because it inevitably meant monsoon pictures. My mother used to pack a hearty meal and we used to set forth armed with our umbrellas and thermos of hot coffee. We used to explore different locations and enjoy nature in its entire splendor.  The sight of trees vividly green and drenched with raindrops was truly a wonder to behold. My mother used to ensure that we all drank warm fluids to combat the dreaded enemy that crept unnoticed along with the season- the cold and flu. We were cocooned in the protection offered by the fluids and my mother's love and care.

There I go romanticizing the season again. I almost forgot I have to get prepared for our monsoon picnic which is just around the corner. But life has come around a full circle now for me as I am the mother packing for my family and getting all ammunition ready so that they can safely enjoy the rains.  The only difference is now I have the aid of Yakult Probiotic drink to keep my family safe in the monsoons. It will take care of my baby's immunity leaving me carefree to relish the season that I love. So here is to all the monsoon mania that I am eagerly anticipating and all the new memories in the making. Have a great monsoon!

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