Experience of new mom ( part 3- relaxed really?))
|   Mar 10, 2016
Experience of new mom ( part 3- relaxed really?))

When my daughter completed 6 months and started eating semi solids. I felt very relaxed and happy. Primarily, because I felt little free and can go out for little longer hours, can meet my friends, enjoy a little. Many of you would be thinking why I can't do that earlier. My daughter was exclusively on breastfeed till six months and she needs me every time so I can't go anywhere. Little I knew the happiness would be short-lived most of you would be wondering why? Before I could think of anything my daughter learnt to sit by herself and Rolling in both directions. I was elated .The feeling was out of the world but what was waiting for me hard and long diaper changing  sessions and in the noon when we both would sleep if she wakes up before me she sits and pull my hair; in order to wake me up and in night as well. I can’t leave her alone anymore on the bed and since it was winters in Delhi/ Gurgaon I can’t leave her on floor as well So my status remains the same busy and exhausted: ) . It is very difficult to manage an infant  alone all day till my husband comes home and I could complete my daily routine  and I really salute my mom and ofcourse other mothers of her time who have raised kids and done other domestic chores without any help . 

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