Japa(post delivery confinement period )more challenging and difficult than labour
|   Mar 25, 2016
Japa(post delivery confinement period )more challenging and difficult than labour

Before I Start i would like to mention I had normal delivery and was in labour for more than 24 hours .Still I find post delivery confinement more challenging and difficult.Those 40 days were very difficult for me because of following reasons:

I delivered  baby in june and drinking hot water and bieng without Ac or cooler is hardest part.

Not understanding what baby needs and you are too exhautsted to even do anything: you dnt know how to hold a baby, feed the baby,how to sooth the crying baby.

Difficulty in sitting for first 7-10 days after delivery because of stiches .

Advises from everyone , whether you like it or not still you have to listen .

Food which was offered is without spices and taste and because of feeding I was always hungry and tried

You have to be indoor for 40 days : i am very outgoing personality and bieng in just one room was very difficult.For first 11 days i was not allowed to go to another room as well .it felt i was in jail.

Not allowed to watch tv and limited usage if mobile:which actually makes you feel miserable because you are just not getting any fresh dose of entertainment.

List is endless and 40 days seems to be like ages.

labour is for one day but those 40 days was indeed very difficult for me .

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