New Mommy Diaries : A peek into baby's mind!
|   Jul 23, 2016
New Mommy Diaries : A peek into baby's mind!

All through our first year as parents, we have been amazed at how quickly things have kept changing with Shona! Her growth and development in the first year is unbelievable (as with all babies). It’s a wonderful time for the parents to observe and understand how babies learn behaviors and pick up various skills. There are some amazing fun moments and some really peculiar behaviors that babies display during this period that are at once – endearing and annoying (some of these behaviors are downright wicked – as most new parents will agree). Here’s a fun take on some of these behaviors and what I think could be going on in babies’ minds.

Baby wants to taste: Baby is crawling or walking around the house, looking for things to do. Suddenly, baby spots a speck – a tiny little thing mommy missed while cleaning the room or there is some new object that baby hasn’t got the chance to explore yet. Baby goes for it immediately, picks it up with their newly found skills and in that goes in their tiny mouths.

What’s baby thinking – Wow – what’s that new thing I see? Man does that looking amazing! I need to find out what that is. I am going to taste it – it looks so yummy! ;)

Play safe - parents: Babies this age learn from exploring and tasting stuff around them is part of the learning process. Baby proof your home and keep hazardous or sharp stuff out of their reach and provide them with a safe haven to explore and enjoy their exploration. 

Baby wants milk: Baby has just woken up from a good night sleep and is understandably hungry. All is going on well till - baby sees momma with her glass / bottle of milk. All hell breaks loose now – depending on the baby’s age you can expect a whole lot of impatient crying or non-stop : ‘dudh dudh dudh’ or ‘milk milk milk’ with their eyes fixed on the glass or bottle in momma’s hand. Mommy dearest is trying her best to cool down the milk or heat it so it’s the right temperature, at the same trying to reason with the baby.

What’s baby thinking – I want milk, I want milk, I want milk. I am hungry. Mom! You have it right there, why can’t you get it to me sooner. I can’t wait – I want, I want milk and I want it right now. I don’t care if it is hot or cold give me my milk NOW, mommy.

Keep calm - parents: With their tiny tummies and limited vocabulary that’s the best they can do to convey how ravenous they are. So dear mommy and daddy add some tender loving care to their milk and don’t go tearing your hair apart.

Baby wants to laugh: Mom and dad are having a conversation; dad says something funny – both of them start laughing. Baby, who was busy doing their own thing so far suddenly stops and looking at her parents, starts to fake laughter. The parents laugh even louder at this, amused by baby’s fake laughter; now baby starts laughing real hard too and joins her parents in the fun.

What’s baby thinking – Mom and dad are having fun. I need to get their attention. Let me do what they are doing – let me laugh as well. Well - I copied their laughter and mom and dad seemed to have enjoyed that, they are laughing even harder – I am so delighted! Oh- it tickles me so to see them laugh so hard, I am thinking I am going to burst out laughing too.

Have fun - parents: Imitation and faking are ways in which baby learns to communicate. Enjoy the fun and banter, engage baby in your conversations and keep the home a happy place.

Baby is in a rush: Baby has almost reached the staircase or is about to tip over some heavy stuff on top off the kitchen shelf. Mommy and daddy yell – No, don’t do that or don’t go there! Suddenly baby increases her pace, she starts walking or crawling even faster, she stretches even farther to reach that stuff that’s just out of her reach. The parents are rushing in to stop her all the while yelling instructions to the baby to not to do it. Baby keeps looking back and grins at what she’s about to do.

What’s baby thinking – I am going to do it, walk up and down the stairs like mom and dad do. I am going to reach it. Oh no, mom and dad are coming, let me race them to it. See, mom and dad – I am almost there and I’ve got your attention ;)

Stay alert - parents: The hysterical yelling and the urgency in your voice might just make baby go even faster. Speak in a firm yet even tone, explaining to them what they are about to do is risky. Distract them by calling attention to something else they usually like. And get to the spot as soon as you can. Baby-proofing and keeping hazardous stuff of baby’s sight cannot be over-emphasized.

Babies are curious little explorers and all that they do, helps them grow. Give them a safe environment to explore in and sit back and enjoy the most wonderful moments of their life - learning, exploring and growing. They learn more from watching you than listening to you – so make sure you are showing them the right things to do and showing them how they are done the right way. If you do as you wish your children to do, you won’t need to teach them what to do. If you want them to grow up in a fun way, start having fun with them right away – Happy parenting!

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