On your first birthday Dear Daughter
|   Jun 11, 2016
On your first birthday Dear Daughter

Hi Shona,


It's your first birthday already and I have no clue where all that time went!? All I know is that there hasn't been a dull moment - there have been euphoric moments and moments where I felt like pulling my hair apart. But no - it hasn't been dull at all. You came into our life and completely turned it upside down. From being reluctant about starting a family to becoming so completely smitten by you - it has been a roller coaster ride for us.


You have taught us so much - shown us facets of our personalities we never knew existed before. You have shown as what it means to love someone beyond measure and to be loved back with the same intensity. And you have helped us appreciate this life so much more and have made it all the more beautiful for you. Both of us – your daddy and I finally have a common passion - and that's you, Shona! And on your first birthday here's what momma wishes for you.


Be happy, brave and confident. Life is really short baby, I realise this now more than ever: live it up! Stay happy in all situations, be confident in your beliefs and be brave. Don’t waste time in second guessing yourself; if you are right: enjoy the results. If you aren’t and make a mistake –learn your lesson and move on. It is a mix of courage, confidence and capability that shapes ones destiny. Find your passion Shona and then go for it with all that you have; your confidence and bravery will take you places.


Be healthy. You know ever since the day you were born, I have fretted about your health and have wondered if you were growing up alright. In taking care of you and running our home and going out to work, I have realised how important being healthy is. Take good care of your health - eat well, sleep well and have fun with your exercises. Never compromise on your health baby, it is what matters most and will serve you well in life.


Be an adventurer. You have taught me to rejoice in the wonders of the ordinary, day to day life once again with your wide eyed looks of amazement at all you encounter. I wish you retain this sense of wonder and innate curiosity and I sincerely hope you acquire a little bit of wanderlust that will last you forever. The world is so beautiful and we have but one life to explore what it has to offer. Be adventurous baby, have an exciting life and be excited about all that life has to offer.


Be grateful. I always think how truly blessed we are Shona, to have all that we do. Remember to thank those who make life better for you and always be grateful for what you have in life. Do not bemoan what you have not, for it will all come to you when the timing is right. Believe me when I say - a grateful heart never lacks for anything.


Be generous. Have a big heart Shona, give back. In your own small ways - you can do a lot, you can make a difference. Always have the heart to share. A tender touch, a kind heart and a smile can do wonders. Never forget to give back. Your naani always taught us to give more than we receive and to never return a container empty. Follow this simple rule, for your naani got that absolutely right – she is one of the happiest people you will see. It is not what we get; it is what we give that makes us truly happy. So give it your best whatever it is that you do and the rest will take care of itself.


Be you. Follow your heart Shona. You are meant do things that make you happy, that make you comfortable and give you contentment. Let no one make you forget who you are and what you want from life. Remember that success and failure are temporary - your principles and beliefs aren’t. Don’t let the world change you; it is not the results that matter ever – it is what you do. Do what you think is right. Stay connected to your core; your first duty is to yourself - be true to yourself.


I wish this and a lot more for you Shona - because when it comes to you baby, momma is never really ready to settle. What I want most for you baby is a happy, fulfilling and beautiful life. With fingers crossed and a prayer on my lips, I wish God grants me all these wishes.


Loads and loads of love,


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