Are you a Facebook Mom ?
|   Feb 03, 2016
Are you a Facebook Mom ?

How many of you have the tendency to reach out to your Facebook Mommy Help group the moment your child sneezes? Did you just raise your hand  in your head. Well, this post is for you then.

Now I'm not a hypocrite. I do follow some of the popular Mom-Help pages on Facebook but this is for those who can't help but believe every word written there like it's the gospel truth.

Starting from the first day in the delivery room to the present day, we are always told what to do, how to do and when to do stuff for the baby. Its everyone's opinions laid out before you and your the helpless parrot(imagine the astrology parrot from the days of yore) who needs to decide which one to pick and follow? WHY? 
In this day and age of social media shenanigans, every mother wants to be the one doling out advice. Sample this from one of the pages;
Distressed Mother aka Facebook Mom - "Hey fellow mommies, my little one just started sneezing. The pediatrician won't be available till Monday because of Republic Day. What do I do. Worried. TIA".
Agony Mom 1 - Rub onion juice on your little ones feet. It will disappear.
Agony Mom 2 - String peeled garlic on the baby's chest. Do this for 2 days. It will reduce.
Agony Mom 3 - Its the weather. Just wait it out. Its happens. Im sure your bub will be better soon
Agony Mom 4 - Please don't waste time, rush to your nearest hospital. It might be the beginning of pneumonia. 
Now imagine the plight of that poor mother who posted this. What would she do? What if the sneeze is nothing but a passing one? What if it actually is the beginning of a really bad cold? In a matter of minutes, opinions can go from "Take care" to "Oh My God What have you done". 
It is beyond me as to how someone who has never seen your baby give out such advice in a matter of minutes when it takes doctors years to study the different types of remedies to a child's illness.
Sure, they mean good and want to help out a mother in need but just think about the serious consequences some of the advice might have. What if my baby is allergic to onions and since I haven't started him/her on solids yet, I don't know about the allergy but I go ahead and apply it because what better than a 'dadi ma ka nuska'. No, my dear mother. That's not what you're supposed to be doing.

In my opinion no one knows your child better than you. By all means, listen to what people say but do what your mommy instinct tells you.
Yes, we mommies(especially the first timers like me) tend to over react at times(ask the husbands that, I'm sure they'll agree) but please don't go overboard unless you know it's coming from a reliable source[like a pediatrician or someone who has worked in the field on the page]. Sometimes all your baby needs is some TLC and it's only a mother that can give her baby that.
So my dear mommies, before you think you need to reach out for your laptop and post about how your baby is feeling, give this a thought. :-)

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