A Beautiful Evening...........Hope of love
|   May 15, 2016
A Beautiful Evening...........Hope of love

It was a weekend and I stayed a bit late at my centre , talking an old friend and relaxing a bit. Weekends really bring a relaxation even though ,  sometimes we are a bit more busy. I was on my way back home and saw a group of ladies talking and discussing. I just waved and smiled.

“oh very late today?” I managed  to skip the tone and said “Yes just weekend”

On joining them I came to know the topic of discussion.

“That Uncle of flat**** remarried! I mean Kids are settled , he has grand children and now … !!!

I was surprised , a big smile came on my face and I exclaimed ”Wow what a news. I mean…I would love to meet them. People like him are examples.  Really  Hats off to him. Isn’t it ?”

I was talking in my own excitement without realizing, that they were looking at me as if I am talking in Hebrew. I stopped myself and said “I will take your leave dear…already late today.”

I came home , had a coffee and was smiling , a smile which had no reason related to me and was not under my control.

I was smiling as among the daily news of broken and estranged  relationships  , I saw a gleam of hope!

I was smiling because among the daily complaints of age related issues , I saw someone taking  a challenge of age!!

I was smiling as it was proven that to live is to embrace life…..

I was smiling as I saw Hope of Love and Hope of Life……

I was really happy , even though I didn’t know the newly  wed couple , I wished them all the goodness of life.

Why are we as a society so negative and demeaning to people who are going their own way ?

Why can’t we follow the practice live and let live instead of just preaching it ?

Why are we so hypocrites, when it come to our children or our elders ?

Why can’t we , accept the change with a positive outlook and open arms ?

An elderly person , who lost the partner during a journey of life , held  the  thread of life with all grit to sustain as a single parent. For years he/she had life only for their children.

Another person had a sour relationship. Took the path less traveled and choose life over suffocation of  bad marriage. He/She   paved a beautiful path for their children so that they can have a lovely life of their own.

The little birdling’s are grown up now and flew away to make their own nest ! Now What ???

Why do we always expect elders of our society to accept and be sad due to empty nest syndrome? Why do we want them to always remember their kids and not have a life of their own ? Why only morning walks, laughter club , temples are considered appropriate for them ?

Why are we not open to someone, who looks out for a companion  with silver in his/ her hair.

Does life stops at 60 or 70 ?

Does life cease to seek a caring touch?

Does heart stop admiring beauty of life?

NO…..Than why are we so critical for people who dare to look beyond the assigned norm of life.

 Aren’t they the role models we need in today’s time? Shouldn’t we take a cue from their strength and conviction and love towards life ? Shouldn’t we say thank you to them for paving path for our friends….families and may be us too ?

Thank you for showing that evenings are indeed beautiful.

Life is not always about  following the rules….sometimes it is about following heart too!

There is No age for love, No age for companionship and No age to find a soulmate!!

Lets applause , lets smile and lets welcome all the duos who followed their heart and showed us the Hope of Love  and Hope of Life!!!


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