|   Apr 02, 2016

Best friend !!!   Just two words and it opens a plethora of memories…. for  all of us. We all had  a Best  friend , a friend whose place never got vacant and never  replaced . NO I am not talking about , our life partners or for that matter our immediate boss cum friend or may be elder or younger brother or sister.

 I am talking about that friend who was there to share lunch box when accidentally we dropped our lunch or forgot at home!

The one friend who was there with his/her notebook , when we were absent.

The one whose absence spoiled your day in classroom .

The one friend  without  whom our childhood memories are incomplete.

The one and only without whom school or college was never that fun and who is still needed .

Yes !  we all need our best friend at each and every stage of life ,  as they are not friend who know you by your status , career , choices or life they know  the real you. You might portray a different you in  front of everyone but in front of your best friend you let your guard down because you are not afraid of being  judged !  Best friends don’t judge , they  just be their , with you , howsoever far off they are.

They are some one who know all your secrets and flaws and love you with all that. They are not someone without whom you can't live but life is not worth without them . They are the one who don't interfere in your lives but when a downfall comes their hand is the strongest , holding you tightly and protecting you as far as humanly  possible.

 Isn’t it the most beautiful  feel in the life where relations are getting fragile day by day?   Someone with whom you can be you !!

Yes ,  reading it till now , I am sure you all must have  gone through memory lane and got that smile on your face which comes only  with that one name from your childhood. One girl or that one boy ! We carry them in hearts and when years after we meet its exactly where we left…!!

The girl turned into woman says SHE is my best friend and boy turned Man says HE  is my best friend and things are heartily accepted!!

But sometimes , the girl turned woman says HE is my best friend and boy turned man says SHE is my best friend and hell loose out !!!

MAN and WOMAN can never be friends! BEST FRIENDS  ?? What’s that ?  And the obvious question, Do you love him or her ?

Yes I love my friend ! Isn’t that feel a core for every relation ?  If I would not love him or her how would I manage to keep him/her in my heart for so many years may be 10 or 20 or more than that . YES I DO LOVE MY BEST FRIEND……its just not the perceived notion of love existing between man and woman!

I love the fact that we are friends , and time and distance could not take the warmth away!

I love the fact that my friend is successful .

 I love the fact that some where the boy or girl with whom I spent my childhood has molded into a beautiful personality!

I love the way he or she takes care of the relations they are into.

I love the way their heart  takes  up life in its full charm……and I also love the fact that I am a special part of that heart!!

Why a man  can not say all this to the girl who was his  best friend…..just because he turned into a woman ? Or for that matter why a woman somewhere can not say this about the boy with whom she grew up ?

A mother was just discussing   , that I want my daughter to make friends with girls more ,  so that she gets  a bit of softness in her personality  and  she is not alone in later part.  She  might not able to continue these friendships later on in  life!!

It compelled  me to think Why a society ,  which is getting modern in all visible terms can’t break this notion  ?

 A friend is friend , heart has no gender , feelings have no gender , relations have no gender  . Sending warm wishes across has no  gender and caring about someone has no gender ! It may be important to one of us to just tell something , however simple it might sound to our best friend and this urge of sharing good or bad has no gender !!The need of feel connected and  the happiness associated with it has NO gender!!!

We all need that one person with whom we can talk , listen , laugh , crib , criticize , cry , fight ,  be weird and still understand that we have our own lives but we are there with all our heart without any expectations and aspirations.

Lets try to give ourselves and  our near and dear ones ,  a little freedom to have a best friend for life ,  freedom to be friends and to continue the  heart to heart connect  made , when hearts were innocent !!

Cheers to the friendship and to BEST FRIEND !!!


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