Children Day-Time to revisit childhood
|   Nov 18, 2016
Children Day-Time to revisit childhood

Every year we celebrate so many days, Valentine Day Women Day Mother's Day,Fathers Day and what not.I am personally not very fond of these days as feelings and their expression should not be bounded by days.  How does one Confine love for people close to heart in a day? It is a ongoing process where each n every day we get a chance to express our love gratitude and affection to our dear ones. Nevertheless I too some times take opportunity to express my love by being more vocal about it. Everyday we celebrate is for someone else,mother father , beloved , kids . What about the inner self within us? We all will agree that the most beautiful cherishable time of lived was the childhood. We all want to relive ,revisit the childhood.Isn't it ? Alas it's not possible,at least not in real sense. But do we have any other way out ? Can childhood be visited often. The answer is YES. We can visit the childhood ,but first have to dwell a bit deeper into our core n search what is that we are missing so badly that after having youth money power still we want to go back to childhood where may be we were not so well off materialistically. Till now I guess all of you will agree that material do not give that inner pleasure with which childhood is associated. Than what is that so beautiful intrigue n mesmerising about childhood that even a 60 year old likes to revisit it? I asked many of my friends and got variety of answers. One said " I miss being around maa.' Other replied " I miss caring for my younger brother and the long play hours with friends". One answered " I miss the festivities ,those reciept books made out of notebooks and ecstacy felt by getting one rupee coin donation for festival like holi". Other went to a dream and said" aam ka ped, sukoon ki neend n doston ka saath"😃 One said " I miss the time I used to paint...I miss my hobby".  So many people, so many different thoughts! I got varied answers from Freedom , to friends to simplicity of life to after my kids I miss nothing!! It was truly enlightening experience . I could conclude that we miss the essence of life and relationships. So now we know what we miss. So can we go to a visit of childhood? How often? It is not as easy as said , as our mind and soul has taken all the negativity of the life path over the years. We don't take scolding of our parents open heartedly and our grown up ego comes in between the most close and essential relationship too.  We start behaving as competitor and grown up individual rather than siblings. We start taking our friends either for granted or we start weighing them in terms of social position. We forget that it is the same friend who had shared our tiffin or may be was a companion in punishment too! In the process of making livelihood somewhere we loose the life out of life. We forget the hobbies which garnered us more accolades than our academic. We forget that guitar , that paint canvass , that lessons of baking , singing dancing ,that early morning games of football , swiftness of TT, that diary which carries the poems straight from our heart!

Oh! What we do? We leave our happiness behind n get on a journey to search happiness ? We are suppose to be mature but we all become childish grown ups with still keeping and nurturing feel of jealousy,un necessary competition and a big ego! This children day can we decide once to revisit childhood.  Take up a drive to parents n in-laws place. Don't go overboard just neglect if you don't like something or if they scold you. They are the reason of our presence in this world. Give a call to that friend whom you left or he/she left you.The years and feeling that you shared must be bigger than the combined ego of you both. 😃 This weekend remove the dust off your precious paint board or guitar or even your old bicycle or books.They were bought not only by money but also your dreams. Life is a rollercoaster but we can not forget to have fun along the way. The happiness quotient has to be searched again within ourselves instead of the outer material . Let's give ourselves a gift of childhood again! Let's visit the most memorable lane and revisit ourselves!!

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