|   Jul 22, 2016

The media is flooded by the news , videos and confession record of the killer of  QUANDEEL BALOCH ,a 20 something internet celebrity killed by her own brother because according to him “Girls are born to stay at home.”

We are living in 21st century , and a news like this bring a surprise ,outrage and  feeling of disgust .

Isnt it ?


It was QUANDEEL BALOCH a known internet sensation thus got the media’s  attention and may be a few rounds of discussion will happen on this  HONOUR KILLING and may be she will be considered as martyr in freedom of womanhood .That’s all.

It is a bitter truth that we are still living in a world where 50% of the population thinks the other half as inferior , meant to stay indoors and OBEY !

YES , Quandeel  is just another case which came into highlight . There are numerous cases which are not even reported. The women and girls are killed on name of FAMILY HONOUR!
The reasons may vary.

They may have refused to  marry the chosen one by the  family.

They may have rebelled to be with forbidden lover.

They may have expressed a desire to study and be independent ,which is against the family tradition.

They may have raised their voice to express their views, which is again against tradition as women are not meant to have any view.

They may have wanted to have a life of their own , on their own terms.

These all wishes ,  which are granted by the creator to all of us as he has given us same mind and heart to feel ,  discuss , interpret and express ,  are forbidden for woman on the name of FAMILY HONOUR and FAMILY TRADITION.

A family is made by ,nurtured by and reared up by a woman. She is the centre point  of a family. She is considered to be the reason of all the smile laughter and happiness of the house than how the same woman can bring so much disgrace to a family that a loved one can kill her and not have an ounce of regret about it ?

What kind of honor  is this which does not accept certain views and lifestyle  but accepts a killer in the house ?

What kind of honor is this which does not allow women , mother , daughter , wife, sister to have a view of her own , but allows her to be drugged and strangulated ?

What honor are we talking about ? Is honor only a women responsibility ?

A man may get into an adulterous relationship ,here too one woman is blamed for breaking another woman’s house and other woman is expected to be adjusting and accepting the man as he is her protector and partner !!
No one questions the honor of the house ,which is bought to  shambles by the man !!

A man can be drunkard and the woman of the house can’t even raise her voice , let alone confront him . She is expected to take things  positively and try to mold him NOT KILL the man even if it is bringing  disgrace to the family honor.

A man of a house can become criminal , thief , corrupt , do illegal activities but that does not bring down family honor but a woman  can bring disgrace by loving  someone , by deciding her future , by paving a path of her own or for that matter even having her own view.

The scenario is not bounded by region caste country or even education. Many highly educated men consider woman education only to be worth of eligibility of good marriage proposal.

We have to accept that we are living in a highly hypocritical dual world where at on end we  are promoting woman equality and  deep down our  heart we don’t want woman to come out of the shadow of the bygone ages.

Many would say that situation is not that bad . I too agree with that , may be that is the reason I can write this article but then we see cases of home violence , physical abuse and many other situation in which only the woman has to accept and adjust the situation.

WHY ??

Why do we not allow the woman to have a mind of her own. She is  still in proving stage in the society , where she has to prove time and again that if she is working ,she is homely too.

If she is homely she is intelligent too!

If she prefers to wear western she is NOT available.

If she is alone ,she is not interested in looking out for someone!

If she is good at cooking , and home management does not mean she is not having a mind of her own and she is born to say YES SIR!

If she says she moved on , believe that she has !

Lastly if she says NO it means NO !!

If a woman can create life within her , she can do any thing!
She loves to see her loved ones happy , sometimes at cost of her own happiness ,but for once if she takes a path less taken ALLOW HER ! !

Let her expand her horizon and take a flight , she is a home bird she won’t go far.

Tell the society woman of your home in the honor of the home and see her fight to protect every wish and dream of yours.


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