Is Your Preschooler , School Ready?
|   Jan 22, 2017
Is Your Preschooler , School Ready?

Preschool concept is relatively new to our society. Indian culture always encouraged joint family and community living where the youngest in the family were not the sole responsibility of the parent. The child was taken care of by every elder in the family. The child learned life skills from uncle aunts and language skills were developed by long stories of grandparents.The child was aware of the surrounding and had very emotionally balanced personality due to the immense caring and love given by the extended family.

However nowadays scenario is changed and joint family has been replaced by nuclear family and community living has also taken a backseat. In the changed perspective of society and also with the increasing number of working parents , Preschool comes as a rescue where child spends atleast 3-4 hrs and Ofcourse gets the feel of playing with sibling and friends.

Preschool generally has a tenure of around a year or half. The main idea behind enrolling a child for preschool is to make him ready for the formal school.The child should be equipped with the skills necessary for stepping confidentally into formal School.

The Preschool generally follow certain teaching methodology,be it Montessori pattern or Playway or Multiple Intelligence way. The child is into the phase of learning where his mind is working faster  than adults and he picks up language as well the knowledge of surrounding too. By the end of the session parent as well as the school's are happy to know that the child is knowing numbers alphabet and his share of colours fruits n animals too!!

But is that only a criteria which can rest assure that the child is formal School ready?

There are certain points beyond the recognition of alphabet and numbers which as a parent we should take care of.

Generally the waking up time of the child is  late during early years. Start the change in routine on a slow pace and before the session begins make sure that early to bed and early to rise becomes your little ones mantra.

Make early breakfast a habit. It is very important that the child eats a healthy breakfast before leaving home. Onstart of formal schooling sometimes sees a drop in child's health ,which is not because of any pressure but due to long gaps between meals.

Develope healthy food habit and try to encourage the child to finish off food in his/her plate which later will lead to empty tiffin boxes too!!

Make the child aware of his or her surroundings. Teach him about taking care of his belongings and if possible recognising his her name too. It may sound difficult as child is still not reading but upto the age of 4 Children see alphabet as pattern of lines and image and hence can recognise major chocolate brands  too. So if given practice they can learn to recognise their name.

Assess the fine motor skills of your child and if you see him lagging in pincer gripping while colouring or writing,give him ample of games and moulding clay dough to improve the same. The child starts writing which is a major skill learning and needs your patience and constant guidence.

Keep your self vigilant enough for any kind of changes in the child's behaviour. Over possessiveness, or reluctance to play or eat or going to school needs caring careful handling. It is a major transition in a child's life which needs guidence beyond the curriculum.

Make your child talk to you about everything. They might make some stories too as sometimes mind makes mish mash of other incident ,stories and day to day incidence into one. Listen carefully and enjoy there description of the day but if you feel some complain on a regular basis make sure to go through the core of it. 

A child is small so is his world and so is his problems but still that is the whole world for them and there problems too need solutions. 

With the onset of new school session make sure your little one has a smooth enjoyable transition from Preschool to Big School.

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