My Tryst of Being a Daughters Mom
|   Aug 12, 2017
My Tryst of Being a Daughters Mom

Being mother is one of the most beautiful feels. I always thought whether the feel is different from being a mother of sons or daughter? Being the mother of two boys( sensible yet naughty, caring yet giving some hard times), I always craved for a daughter!!

Over the time I realized that the parenting in both the cases is same.Even the growing up talk is equally important for both of them. I don't have a daughter, so the issues related to physical changes were different in our home. They were more related to body hair, sweating and keeping an overall hygiene. I tried to clear their queries as much as possible.

On the hindsight, I always thought about the innumerable queries a young girl has(I had and believe me had a tough time), and gave my views to every friend of mine who is a mother of a daughter.

But then, I am not "Ma" but "Badi Ma" to someone and I got my tryst of being a daughters mom.

The most tricky part of growing up years of daughters when they have to be prepared for their bodily changes as well as the monthly cycles which keep them in a dilemma regarding their body and brings immense behavioral changes too.

The Polybag theory-Yes, I was assigned to prepare her for this addition in her life which might come in may be 8-10 months.
"We keep a polybag in the dustbin to keep discarded things. But even if the dustbin is not full we change it within a day. Right?"
The conversation started like this, and she was all ears to me yet giving me looks as if I am giving EVS lesson.
"Yes, Badi ma"

"You know where a baby is developed?"

"Yes, Badi ma, Mothers stomach."

Her expression was changing, showing me that I need to relate the polybag to stomach fast, else I will lose out!
"Right, so the baby is in the stomach, but in a bag.Just like a polybag.This bag is developed monthly and when our body realizes that there is no baby hence it is unused it flushes it out." "OKAY"!
The expression on her face was showing me clearly that I should gear up for the list of queries now!

"So, when does this polybag starts building? I always had it?" "As the girl starts growing up, there are changes in the body.External as well as internal.This polybag is part of an internal change of the body.A part of growing up a process."
Now, we were talking business. She had all her ears for me.

"So why it flushes out? I mean keep it till a baby comes. How will the baby come?
Yeah! The big bouncer!!
"Dear, that is for the later stage. Right now we are concentrating on the changes in your body. So Making of polybag is a monthly process as the material used is not apt like organs so it has to be flushed out."
I stated very matter factly.
"Hmm...So it flushes like?"

"Just like, you known urine.More like discharge kind of, but it has blood. The blood which could have helped the baby to grow but is now unused so it has to be flushed out."

"OMG! I am scared. Why it had to happen? Can't you stop this?Some medicine?"

I laughed remembering how I cried over the mysterious illness of mine as I was clueless!!

"No baby, Why would we stop a natural growing up  process. It's normal, everyone goes through."
Her face was showing so many changing shades of feelings.

"We use sanitary pads during those days. Otherwise, life is normal."

"Baby diaper kind of?How weird Badi Ma! How will we be normal?"

"Of course we are normal and it's not a baby diaper kind of.It is slim comfortable pads.We all use it."

"The ones which mummy keeps in a black polybag?"She giggled.

"Yes!" I laughed.But there is nothing to be kept in hiding.

"Will it be painful?'

"Yes dear. Initially it is but we have remedies for it. Do not worry. Mumma and Badi MA both are there to guide you.Just be a bit less fussy in drinking milk ."

She rolled her eyes!
"OKAY. BUT..What if I am at school. I spoil my clothes?? People will make fun of me."

I drew her closer.

"Baby, we will take care but if sometimes if it ever happens, just accept it as just a bad day! It has happened with all of us."

She hugged me. "I don't want to grow up. I always want to be your little baby."
I laughed and thanked my sister in law for giving me a slice of being a daughters mother!

Hope this will give you a slice to you too.

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