Not a Child's Play....Its serious business!!
|   Feb 16, 2016
Not a Child's Play....Its serious business!!

"Does she learns something too or whole time playing ?"

A very common question i come across , almost daily  I deal with , tiny little adults  and their child-like curious parents!! No offence to any of my friends , its just that these children know that they will take time to grow , and so are enjoying the pace of life  , but adults , though more experienced want to out grow this pace !! We want them  to learn ....and learn what we want.....and to top it all, learn  at our pace too.!!

We adults are  engrossed in our lives and have an unspoken pressure of aspirations and dreams  for our little ones that we forget they are children ....and for children play is not a child's play it's serious business!! From the very beginning , children learn things while playing only. When the lil one starts walking its not a skill ,he is looking for ,he just wants to be at par with you and catch hold of the things of his fancy. He learns to talk , to walk , to run , to hold , to communicate and its fun for them.They enjoy the gift given by almighty ,to the fullest and live in the moment.

When a child is playing with toys , he is developing his skills which will enhance his whole personality n shape his coming years too. Have we ever , given a thought why some children love to play puzzles and blocks ,  while some enjoy dancing and some are fascinated by colours and some could be taught any thing and everything by stories!!! Yes, its a big world pf  play where a child ,roams around and picks up his skills. Wouldn't it be nice if we as adults guide them through this play world too ....

A child has his own small little world and his own little problems.If a puzzle he is not able to solve than it is a big issue for him though he will not say that i had a difficult day....may be he will just ask..."Mommy can you play with me?" or "Daddy can you take me to park?" I know we are not privileged to have a small little world of our own...we have responsibilities to fulfill and pressure of performing them well , and due to all these we are not able to enter the small world of our little ones. When a child plays  puzzles and blocks ,he uses his  all his logical intelligence's and shows patience and diligence too. While playing with his peer group or treating toys like teddy bear or doll like their friends with whom they talk , they show there emotional intelligence as well as interpersonal intelligence .They also enact the behavior what they have learned from us, adults.If you have a high pitch while you scold your little one ,believe me they will use the exact tone n words too!!.If you have are in habit of giving a cuddle or a goodnight kiss to your candyfloss ,i am sure the teddy is going to get a sweetest peck from those little lips.Yes ,children learn a lot from there immediate atmosphere and from us and use all those lessons while PLAYING!! It is a very common sight  these days to see  young children enacting telephonic conversation , as this is what they see on  a regular basis.During these only , they learn and can be taught phone ettiquetes too.  We see children playing with , utensils or vegetables....and laughingly tell that he must have been a chef in previous birth!!  If you ask  the child , he will tell you that "Dear adults ,these plastic toys don't give me the sense of texture.They are all same n i love to explore new things.Don't label me  as a chef i am just expanding my horizons".Its our limited thoughts which creates a barrier between the world of the child and our sensibilities.Let's try to engage ouselves a bit more into there world , let's try to see there perception too. Involve yourself into their  act of role never know that may be you will learn something new about your little one!!! Play is not a child's play , either you have to be an exceptionally good actor or you have to be exceptionally innocent and intelligent at the same time to come to the level of these little geniuses!!So lets Play Seriously ....No Child's Play .......It's a serious Business!!

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