Raising Teenagers......I am on Right Path
|   Mar 11, 2016
Raising  Teenagers......I am on Right Path

Parenting is an underrated JOB. Yes....many things have been said about parenting, as being next to devotion and shaping new generation etc.I agree with all the above but , it is also a JOB , comprising of all departments of  Human Resource ,Finance , Administration ,Research and Training etc.Parenting now-a-days is getting a bit stressful too as parents have high aspirations from kids.As a parent you have to prioritize your choices and  your expectations too.

I want my boys to have a positive attitude to life, have good etiquette as well as a sense of respect towards women. Yes u heard me right....respect for woman is on my priority list and there is no mention of education and career.

Today children are dreamer and they dream big! They want success , name and fame for themselves!! They want there first car to be a MERC...and a life of luxury!!!Nothing wrong....as they dream and are ready to slog hard for it...they just need guidance and support from parents.

What about LIFE...? Don't they need lessons on it too? My priority are those lessons. I want my boys to have positive attitude. Nothing is impossible if you are ready to work hard for it. Be a dreamer and be ready to give up easy way .....yes big dreams are not easily achieved. Failure is just another , step on ladder and no failure is bigger than the hope which life gives us.Patience , perseverance , hard work and focus till u achieve your destination is what I teach them.

Etiquette is some thing which is neglected  in general. The way you walk , talk ,  sit , eat ,shake hand , say hello , or even offer some one a seat  can tell so much about your personality. Clothes can impress for a minute but the moment you come in action everything is crystal clear and people will judge you based on those actions!!I don't believe much in metro sexual men  but descent well mannered men are timeless and appreciated .   I minutely observe their actions and mend it too ...even though it makes me a villain in their eyes as it robs of fun sometimes!!

Last but the most important of all is to teach them and make them sensitive and aware ... to have respect for woman. Any woman , Any age ....deserves respect. She may be unknown to u or sometimes you may not appreciate her much , but she deserve respect from you. Love , kindness , care and many other beautiful feelings can be kept reserved for woman of your choice , but respect is deserved by every women. By showing respect you are not doing any favor to them , but you are showing what you have been taught through other woman and that's me! I want to raise gentlemen ,  with whom if my friends send their daughters , they will be assured that the lady will reach home safely! It is responsibility of all the mothers raising boys to teach them this one feel so that their is a change in perception of coming generation and our daughters have better men to deal with at work , at home and in general too.....I tell them that before any action just remind yourself will you approve it if the lady in front of you had been your mother or sister? I know we women are equivalent or in some arena even better than men . Long forgotten.... but chivalry is still appreciated  and should be included as part of your personality!

Just days before I was discussing a project for my 14 year old ...topic was "Changing status of women from Vedic age till now"....as the topic was being discussed we touched upon many evil practices of earlier era and gender discrimination dowry and eve teasing of today's time too.It was a heavy discussion between a woman and young man....After 2 hours and couple of rounds of cookies , we ended it and I got my result of parenting in form a sentence which gave me a feeling of  proud , happiness and assurance that I am on right path....My 14 year old said "Maa , no matter what A lady should be treated like  a lady."I smiled....his words ...gave me hope that things could be changed. Talk to the young men ...make them sensitive not for any one else but for yourself ...to get yourself the assurance of being on right path!!

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