Sound of Silence
|   May 20, 2017
Sound of Silence

It's early morning.5:30 am. 

She got up. 

Straight to the kitchen. Putting water for tea and turning out to pick newspaper.

 Tying her long mane into a bun. Waking up kids and giving them a smiling hug. 

Tea is ready. Paper along with tea. Husband likes it that way! 

Oh ! Time is running fast. Keep the pressure cooker on stove n .... Tiffin ready! "Mom? My shoes are missing."

 "Ma , my project?? I am not finding it!"

 Finally , waiving good byes. 

"Where are my papers which I kept yesterday? Why don't you pay attention to your work?" 

Handing over papers n breakfast silently.Answers are struggling to just start an argument but..

 "Every day same breakfast! You are good for nothing".

 Sigh! Keeping lunch box, wallet, watch and handkerchief silently on the table.

 "I will be late tonight." The car vrooms away. 

There is pin drop silence in the house and finally, she can hear her own self.

 She let goes the good for nothing comment and shrugs the same breakfast too. She knows what she is worth and yes breakfast never repeat two consecutive days!!

 Sounds of silence let her breath and she soaks herself in her favorite music and cardio. 

Her henchwoman arrives.One working woman she relies on, for her own work. 

"Nisha?Why so silent?"

 " What to tell madam my gharwala says I m good for nothing. The whole day I work and he comments me like this." "Hmmm. Shrug it off. Value yourself. Don't see yourself from their perspective." 

It's time to go to work. It feels nice to get compliments for your work.

 Junior's gushing "How you manage ma'am?" "Sir must be very Lucky." She smiles. 

Taking a workshop on soft skills is her forte. Schools, corporate , colleges she inspire living life . Two back to back workshops. Successful ones though tiring.

Heading back home. 

Picking veggies for next day. Some groceries has to be refilled. Husband needs his favorite deo and vitamin tablets too. Kids demanded pasta for dinner. Tomorrow is a birthday, so a gift has to be picked, and?? Reaches home. 

And the silence prevails again.

 This may be just a day out of any Woman's life, working at home or working out.

 Sometimes I feel what makes the woman patient? 

Is it the patience or the ability to look beyond the words. 

What makes us so resilient?Why do we never question argue or answer back?

Is it love for family?

Is it the way we are brought up or is it simply to avoid any mud slinging further?

Why have women a silent part in their lives?

Is the voice so weak or is it so strong that it's better to keep it, mum?

Lastly, Silence for how long?

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