Why do I encourage my child to do basic household chores?
|   Jun 20, 2017
Why do I encourage my child to do basic household chores?

Its vacation time again and we get to meet our friends and family and spend some quality time together.

We have extended family and we all decided to spend some time together . A big hall of the room was converted to a dormitory style bedroom so that we all can have long chats and late night coffee session too!

I instructed kids to do the arrangement. My boys especially the younger one is perfectly trained to make bed, without a single wrinkle of the bedsheet.

Yes,they are boys ,so what??

I had some surprised appreciation of cousins with contemporary age group children.

"How do they do it??"

A common question was asked by me. With all due respect and without offending anyone I feel that northern part of our country is still under the stereotype of how can children specially boy's can do household chores?

We start schooling at the age of three, slowly the child takes step by step progression. They learn alphabets and gradually go onto  learning the language. How can they learn simple life management skills without being taught and  trained gradually? I encourage them to keep their toys at a proper place. It might be a basket, carton, shelf or a corner of room, but the purpose is that children should know that it's their belonging which has to be taken care of by them only. Slowly, we ( me and children) made progression and assigned few more into list of their belonging. They were growing up and so was the list. A day came when they wanted a room of their own, and got it just on one condition that they will do the dusting and bed of that room.

The helper does the general cleaning but the room is maintained by them. I give them brownie points in form of a weekly treat as it reduces my work pressure and on the other hand they learn important life hack. Yes, doing simple household chores is very important to children.

  • They learn to be independent and responsible.
  • They learn to respect the person that does it for them. It might be a helper, or mother sister ,or wife at later stage.
  • They can adjust better to their college hostel days.
  • They are a help to the family as its burden sharing which gives more time for each other!
  • These are few life management skills which should be developed without the gender stereotype.
  • Men and women both need a neat hygienic decent accomodation.
  • Helping in daily chores is a constructive method of spending quality time together where we teach them practical life.
  • Keep them engaged in gardening, general dusting, washing, maintaining their clothes as these will definitely prove helpful later in life!
  • A few cooking tips are a life saving. Teach them to use appliances safely and whip some sandwiches in case they don't have anyone! Believe me it's fun for them!!
  • So please, encourage your little one to learn the skills of life too, it will come handy. They will be independent and thankful to you.

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