An ode to my Nami(GreatGrandMom)#Momspiration
|   May 15, 2017
An ode to my Nami(GreatGrandMom)#Momspiration

Ofcourse there can be no greater inspiration to us than our moms .But what/who has made our moms/dads to be the amazing beings they are. They are none other than our grand parents.When I think about my childhood,the most pleasant thing which occupies my heart are the memories of me spending my summer vacation in my naani's(grand mom's) house .I was lucky to have witnessed the affection of my Nami(great grand mom) too. All of 70, her enthusiasm and stamina would leave all young ladies behind. She was a pro in the kitchen as well as in the fields.Covering a distance of 5kms to the village fields was not a big deal to her. She would shower all of us with her love and affection by gifting us hand made it clothes or toys . Though she received minimal education, she was an important part of the family business . We(all the great grand kids) would listen in awe to the narration of her stories as a young women. She was the one who had witnessed India in the pre-independence era. An era , when majority of the women would be married off as soon as they reached puberty or even earlier. My nami  too was married at the age of 15 ...Young ,innocent and naive, she was burdened with the responsibilities of a husband ,in-laws and a dozen kids which she dutifully obliged . The monotony was lost when India achieved independence and the family had to leave their home,their assets their livelihood behind to protect their lives from the political crusaders. She stood strong and witnessed the horrifying death of her near and dear ones.Post independence, the family returned to their homes but all was lost and they had to start from scratch. Throughout,she was a pillar of support for her husband and children and raised her kids to be successful individuals. She supervised the family business post the death of her husband and was never deterred by failures.S

She not only looked after her grand kids but great grand kids too. She was always there for us.She was always in support of girls education and encouraged us to aim to for the sky.

She is my inspiration as a mother and as a woman ..and I hope to have the determination and zeal like my nami. 

P.S...A salute to all the women who have stood rock solid during the pre and post independence era, when times were not in their favour.

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