Yes... I AM FORCED!!!
|   May 17, 2017
Yes... I AM FORCED!!!

'I hate cooking' I told my would be husband before we got married. 'Oh, don't bother, I mum cooks', he told me. 'I will be expected to help her out post wedding and I expect you to be there', I told him. 'I promise', he told me.Cut to 1.5 years post our wedding. Recently we had our one of the big fights. At the end he told me don't force me go do things I don't like to do like I don't force you. There were so many things I wanted to tell him for this statement but I couldn't let everything out. You don't force me to help mil nor does she but I AM FORCED, by myself do to things. I AM FORCED by myself every night to wash utensils in which we had dinner coz I cannot let mom do it. I AM FORCED by myself to help her cooking coz I can't sit in hall and watch TV at that time. I AM FORCED by myself to make breakfast coz I am not served the way I use to. I AM FORCED by myself to help her in various activities on Sunday while you relax and do nothing coz I am expected to. I AM FORCED by myself to give up my chicken leg piece because you like it. I AM FORCED not to have my favorite dishes the way I like it because you people don't like it.

So hubby darling next time you tell me you don't force me for anything remember these 10% of things I AM FORCED to do. Yes you do not force me but I am expected these things to do and I do it. It does not make me like these things, but I do. So it's ok for you to be "forced" to do some things.

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