Are You a Shopaholic?
|   Jan 17, 2015
Are You a Shopaholic?

Where is that saving/investing sense gone? Why people are becoming so reckless spend thrift now a days? Is it because now a days there are unrestricted access to alluring things available all over which makes it very difficult to stop or put brakes on our temptations? I really don’t know the real reasons of why people of all strata are mad about shopping mostly irrelevant stuff.

I would strongly recommend MOMs and Daughters to curb the shopping desires, and this is how and why:

Put aside things that you feel like buying instantly, look around think about it, delay the process, after and all you can always come back. Pay attention to what you need rather than what appeals to you.

Remember there is a huge difference between “I love it” and “I need it”. Impulsive pattern is your compulsive calling and not your brain.

Empower yourself with inseparable skills rather than just accumulating junks in the form of repetitive clothes, that purse, this bag, that shoe etc etc

Shopping is not the answer for boredom, stress, monotony, anxiety and all similar emotions. Leave it. You deserve better.

Get a Life. Make friends, indulge in hobbies, meet people, work for a cause, explore, travel, discover. In a nutshell shop less and live more and by doing so you will be amazed to see how beautiful life is outside the closed walls of malls.

You are an adult and all wise people take conscious decisions in life, including shopping. There shouldn’t be randomness where you stroll from rack to rack picking up things without any clear thought.

Walking is best in park and not in mall. Go shopping with a defined purpose with a focused head else you will become vulnerable to every gorgeous display at the table, which you don’t need.

Focused and Conscious shopping will save you both Time and Money. And we badly need both. Don’t we?

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