Celebrating Life through colors of Holi.
|   Mar 20, 2016
Celebrating Life through colors of Holi.

I love colors. My first romance with colors was with the rainbows in the sky and getting glimpse of it was nothing less than finding my love, inner joy and bliss. I guess this is one of the reason why Holi makes me cheerful. On the day after the full moon in March is when Holi arrives. I have many beautiful childhood memories attached to this festival. On this day, and several days to follow, people would come together across social boundaries, putting aside their differences only to express their joy by holding public bonfires and throwing brightly-colored powders, liquid colors, and perfumes onto friends and family celebrating and welcoming spring and bidding farewell to the passing winter over lavish food.

Holi is indeed an opportunity for the whole community to come together and celebrate – just celebrate the coming of spring with great joy and enthusiasm. Each one us keep everything aside and wear that party hat to dance like a chicken and eat like a pig. I only wish that celebrations should not be limited to a particular occasion. Our whole life and existence should become a celebration irrespective of caste, color, creed and occasion which will be much above any kind of man-made differences, after and all Holi is celebrated over the story where Prahlad - a young follower of Vishnu who despite being carried into fire by the demoness Holika managed a miraculous escape – which proves that good always triumphed over evil.


Love is supreme – Life is meaningless without Love because fact remains that each one us co-exist. Holi is a reminder that:

1.      Celebrating together is the true religion.

2.      Evil may seem powerful but loses in the end.

3.      Forgive, Forget and Move on.

4.      Eat, Drink and Be Merry.


Break the ice, renew relationships. Remember all the colors that are on you are Love.

Happy Holi!

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