‘Early Starter Contest’
|   Aug 23, 2015
‘Early Starter Contest’

#As a mother I observe my son all the time - while he sleeps, play or eat. This is how I analyze his consistent traits like which activities he does the best, his interest and inclinations towards things etc... and for my little one it is not only mimicking but the moment he see a trailer of a song or film, he suddenly start dancing to it or imitate what’s happening onscreen. He is constantly reading biographies of the actors to know more about their lives. So, I guess those are the signs, which show his passion for acting. Unlike adults, his dreams have no ceiling. It’s inspiring to listen to his goals and ideas. Children start dreaming at an early age. Sometimes I think his dreams are unrealistic but I know that it is the negative adult inside me hence I have decided to believe in him and his dreams the way he believes in himself. After and all I am the only support he has.I keep talking with him about the celebrities who show respect, responsibility, compassion and other desirable traits. I always make it a point to say how much I admire them and why, because it is very important to not only just aim high but also to work very hard towards it, even when it is tough. To make a goal and work hard.

I will always ensure never to deny his dream or get in the way. Having said this as a first step i started making proper financial planning at a very early stage even though money then was tight but i knew i will always reap on the time advantage. This is with the motive to help him achieve his goals at various stages of his life and career i.e. - 10th, 12th, graduation, theater, drama school, portfolio making etc. etc. My goal is to help him achieve his dreams. I also make him write his dream, research his dreams and at parallel I do my homework around cost involved in the whole thing. This is my idea of showing my support to help him achieve his dream-- Big Dream.


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