|   Mar 04, 2015

1. Good Health is the biggest Wealth.

I really really wanted to have many children of my own - a bunch of them (secret dream was to have 12 of them 7 girls and 5 boys). I became a mother when I was 23 years old. I remember it VIVIDLY that it was 7.33 am when Pratham was born while it was pouring outside and the very thought of having a child was an amazing feeling, at least that’s how it was for me. Till date I feel that it has been the best thing, which happened to my life. There is NOTHING, which can match this emotion of mine. I can’t answer whether it’s just a genetic thing or something else, but this definitely comes with lots of responsibility and health of the family is one of them. 

2. When pregnant don’t eat for two or three because a baby is just a tiny seed inside you, so all you need is to eat just as sufficient as for one healthy person and you must continue to work physically the way your body was used to of it before. E.g. - if you would jog before at least brisk walk during pregnancy.

3. If you eat healthy, naturally your children will be eating healthy. It’s a natural thing. They do what they see their parents do.

My father had a small little farm where my son grew in his younger days and I have to say when we use to visit that farm and he would pick the vegetables on his own it would be great fun and excitement for him.

I know and understand that as city dwellers it is very difficult to grow our own vegetables but we can still ensure that we teach them how to grow because to see it growing and then picking them up does make them health conscious.

4. When kids get very fussy for eating try and make food more fun then they will end up enjoying it. In summer I make ice-lolly from fruit juice, which my son loves. Once in a while we also go for healthy spread, and I am always surprised to see him eating the same healthy food with so much of ease and complete indulgence. 

5. As working mothers we have to inculcate healthy habits in them. Like feed them well, sensibly and not just feed them with something, which is tasty and fatty. This is not the right way of showing love. You have to know when to stop and tell the child what is not good for them. As responsible parents it is very important that we teach our children what to eat and what is right to eat.

6. We as mothers have to strike that terrific balance between working, cooking, hobbies etc., so it become very important that be choose consistency over quantity.

·      Make a diet chart.

·      Everyday 15 - 20 mins conscious workout.

·      Running after the baby is also a great way to be active and stay healthy.


All we need is a desire to ‘want to do it’ and there has to be ‘a will to do it’.


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