Good Touch and Bad Touch.
|   Apr 24, 2015
Good Touch and Bad Touch.

This is most parents’ highest priority, it certainly is for me. After becoming a Mum, health and safety of not only my children but also children everywhere becomes a matter of huge concern.

Off late various kinds of horrific, heinous news all over the newspaper and social media about child abuse is something we all want to eradicate.


If a child is ‘safe’ only then the child will be healthy and happy, because if a child is in pain or is feeling guilt about something which was not even child’s fault then how will the child be able to achieve his full potential?


So what are the appropriate ways to convey the message? Most of us think that child abuse is only about Rape, but I guess there are lot of levels to it like – verbal, non verbal, visual and all of these form child abuse.


This is such a complex area because the child is so small and so vulnerable when this happens that most of the time he doesn’t understand what’s happening and only feels uncomfortable and hence don’t speak.


We have to ensure that no matter what, even if there is an element of confusion we have to LISTEN to the child and TRUST the child. The child has to trust us. We have to build that trust that if someone is violating the rules with him or her it is not their fault. They shouldn’t be scared at all.


There is no way we as educated mothers should be guilty about using certain words and use baby words for body parts because you never know there may be many perverted out there in school, society, playground, anywhere who may use ‘those’ words and abuse the child. We must teach them the correct names for their anatomy.


Speak about it. Till date child abuse is something, which people don’t speak about openly. If we will start to speak about it the awareness percentage would certainly go higher. We must help care givers by teaching them about child sex abuse awareness. Better communication will make things easier to deal with.


Honestly I don’t know if school are well equipped to talk or teach about sex education to kids or not; but they should be trained to do so. One of the right ways to do so can be that every school can liaison up with a Non Profit Organisation that are specialised in this and let them educate on this, because they are much more planned and specialised and knows how to implement the program in best possible method.


We must inculcate in them that they are the masters of their body and Even if it’s something like holding hands with someone or having a friend hug or kiss them, they know they have the right to say no if they don’t like it. We have to explain them what a good touch is and what a bad touch is, in a age appropriate way.


We have to condition our mind and ensure equal protection to both male and female child. Be Aware be sensible and then deal with it.


To me the bottom line is that its not only children whom we need to educate but ourselves as parents to loose our inhibitions and think on our feet and answer appropriately, and at the end of the day our children must say that my parents are my closest friend.

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