Keep Fit, Look Good
|   May 05, 2017
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Keep Fit, Look Good

You are the best judge of your own self. No-one will know your body more than you , so it is very important that we start listening to our own body. In my point staying fit is far far better than going for that crash diet to attain that size zero. It’s completely pointless. It is not just the diet plan but also to ensure to make each meal nutritious and remembering that eating and exercising are co-related and must be followed religiously to stay fit and look good.


Make your fitness resolutions and race against your unfit past - We can start with as small as changing our eating habits, like eat small meals about once every two hours throughout the day, this will prevent you from feeling overly hungry and gorging in one sitting. So it’s important to ensure that these meals comprise of an apple, a serving of egg whites, muesli, NESTLÉ a+ SLIM Milk instead of samosas and deep fried snacks.


‘Hidden fat’ can add up and be detrimental to fitness - We all know and have read enough about good fats and bad fats. The best way to have ghee and butter is to put it on your roti and have it , because the moment you burn that ghee it becomes trans fat and without burning it is good fat.So go ahead and ghee to your meal.


Make Healthy food choices - We all know that for a healthy weight loss, we need to swap high-calorie foods out for healthier choices and we don’t have to give up all the foods we love, it’s just that we need to make healthier versions of them.Like Choosing low fat products like NESTLÉ a+ SLIM can help maintain calorie intake to meet fitness goals.


Drink your food and eat your water. Is an ancient Chinese Taoist proverb which is weight worth in gold because how you eat matters as much as what you eat. A lot of us eat quickly and avoid chewing food. Slowing down your chewing time and will help slimming down.


Evening are always the time when one feel very high hunger pangs and hence it is very important that we deal with this in a healthy way, mantra is to keep it low fat diet always. I always keep handy with me NESTLÉ a+ SLIM Milk which I choose over tea in the evenings, nuts, dry fruits , whole fruits and vegetables, to avoid outside snaking.


Beside healthy eating one must exercise to ensure that we keep fit and look good.


Start with the Stretching - don’t we need to do this daily, as a mother as a working professional. The stretches also help release of toxins in those specific muscle groups. This in turn leads to release of stress and fatigue. With regular yoga practice you will actually feel the tension draining away. This leaves you feeling fresh and re-energised.


As working mothers (whether in office or at homes) we have to inculcate healthy habits in our kids too. Like feed them well, sensibly and not just feed them with something, which is tasty and fatty. This is not the right way of showing love. You have to know when to stop and tell the child what is not good for them. As responsible parents it is very important that we teach our children what to eat and what is right to eat.


Now the MOST difficult part of all the above is sticking to it.So think positive.All you need is a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating choices and motivation to work towards a healthier you.

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