My candy city – BirBilling - ‘Paragliding capital of India'.
|   Aug 27, 2016
My candy city – BirBilling - ‘Paragliding capital of India'.

Billing is up in the hills 14 kms from Bir in Kangra districts, with an arena of 200 kms is known for high altitude and cross country flying, The exuberant landscape, gives a glimpse of most scenic view of Mother Nature. A city which has existed only in my imagination is where I have been. Spread of land with the background of hills and sky all over, filled with rosy clouds, birds and paragliders. The trees, the exotic flowers which is everywhere is nothing less than heaven. 
I am always excited about the nature and its pattern composed by God but this time I wanted to experience it very closely and soulfully, so I decided to go paragliding. The pilot took off from the mountains of Billing using winds to help maintain flight and gaining altitudes. The set of rectangles in the far distance evokes high mountains. While feeling the breeze I was getting ready for experiencing the world’s second best paragliding experience, and there I was up in the air, kissing the sky and touching the birds feeling the cold freezing breeze all over my face. At the altitude of 8000 feet from sea level everything looks so beautiful. A panoramic view of the valley below, Sprawling tea gardens, the Chokling Monastery and various Buddhist monasteries This moment is what I call it 'My Moment' which exist now only in my memories. All I was thinking while freefalling that how much I wish to stay there for many more HOURS and cover hundreds of more kilometers.. Thanks to god for this video which will stay with me forever.
As they say adventure is never a simple story especially for those faint hearted and those who lack imagination. For me, it is the time to celebrate My Journey called LIFE :-)

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