‘Postpartum Depression’ ~ Don’t brush it under the carpet.
|   Mar 17, 2015
‘Postpartum Depression’ ~ Don’t brush it under the carpet.

About the first few months after a baby is born which brings about a sea of different emotions. There is usually some mix of joy, nervousness, euphoria, fear, and excitement.


So when you expected to be celebrating the arrival of your little one with your family and friends. But instead of celebrating, you feel like crying.

One of my very close friends went through this. 1st month or so she cried a lot, and went through postpartum depression. ‘He is not cute and is a little rat’ is how she would describes her feeling when she hold him first in her hands.Just didn't feel that instinct. Didn’t feel any of the love to begin with. Instead of having a feeling of ‘Oh!! What a bundle of joy’ she thought ‘is this what I have to go through all my life’. ‘This is not what I signed up for’.


The fact is that this is a life changing experience; and like her there are many who get this feeling that life will never be going to go back to what it was.


This feeling is normal to a great extend after and all Post delivery one goes through so much of pain and discomfort. We go through hormonal changes, physical changes; stress of caring a newborn takes a toll.


As new mothers we are often sleep deprived. In addition, we may feel overwhelmed and anxious about our ability to properly care for our baby. These adjustments can be particularly difficult especially if it’s a first time mom who must get used to an entirely new identity.


One thing to remember is that Never Ever let that feeling creep in you that you are imperfect. Simply be content with being Very Good Enough, and sometimes no good at all.


It may not be the way we thought it would be, each person has a different kind of pregnancy and each one has a different phase post pregnancy, different feelings and. Whatever they are they are ok. They are OURS and they are OUR journey.

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