Cooking is ; serving LOVE 
|   Jan 06, 2017
Cooking is ; serving LOVE 

A padhaku young girl; flying high for dreams and walking ways for it, never felt good for cooking or I could say she never felt ANYTHING for cooking. Yes, am talking about myself.

Blessed with a super cook mom and an kitchen killer sister ;no one could associate me to them.(though even now ). A lazy tom and jerry fan in me always opted watching tv or learning new dance moves over skilling in kitchen tools. “Bache khaana banana aana chahiye” were the often echoed statements from maa ( am sure all gals do relate). Unfortunately they never hit my head. “maa abhi bahut time hai,”!! were my lingering on replies to her. I know she is an empathetic mom and I never left any stone unturned to get benefit out of that😁.

I did try hands over rice and karelas before shaadi; hnmm I can recall. And yukk were the appropriate words for that taste and look. Still it never bumped my conscious to cook. I was happy in my maggie recipe. Naah you can say dignified,putting that extra salt and turmeric to it.

Eventually the day arrived; when newly wed me was offered to cook some meetha for family. And to all my reader's surprise;I nailed it. Yeahh it was not youtube for sure. It was only the practice, like I did for the most expected question in exams😂. For that sake,I wanted it to be most delightful, by all my heart.

Moving further to the days of preparing tiffins for hubs and dishing for my family. I never realised when I jumped to baking and frying and googling for samosas and momos and tikaas. Awww ; now my days just move over new breads and pastas I try to do for my people. I may not be the best dish maker or the admirable girl next door. Fortunately, am a sweetheart for the beings who love the naive me and whom I adore too. This might be for the fact that I wore apran with the wholesome motive to prepare whatever they like on palate and serving with my love. 

It is more about doing and turning all possible efforts to innovate food and spice the family with the beautiful feeling of “apnapan”.I cook for the smiles….. the spread cheeks which says, “however the food tastes to the buds, it do smell like your amour and we take it with more of it, dear.” So well it was quoted by maa, “ you will learn to cook jab dil se banaaoge,….dil se bana khaana achaa hi banta hai,”.Thanks maa now it's evident to me.I too know your magical secret ingredient now !! 

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