I still sob at any Bidaai...!!!
|   Oct 05, 2016
I still sob at any Bidaai...!!!

After having a roller coaster ride with a chocolate dip; I mean six nice years of marriage, the heart still feel the connate love for maeka. I can't really figure out the time span required to feel oneself wholly in-cohesive to maternal links and in fact why we need to ?? Someone rightly titled it “kanya daan '', as nothing more than charity can support parents to let their angel depart.It's like a donated heart beating for a new life. The most precious relationship falls to let it go category.

“Home away from home” ; its not just as easy to achieve as it reads.How many years are sufficient to feel that the house you were born in and played childhood tricks is not that much yours as this new house where you would always be introduced as “hamari bahu”. ?

How long it will take to overcome the tears you flushed when you said goodbye waving to your soul bearers through that window pane at Bidaai. ?

What exactly takes to stop screaming “ oh Maa” at any trouble you still get into?

Am much convinced that still making chapattis…..folding clothes…. to attending guests to the table etiquette's; its maiden learning that crosses a daughter's mind. After all they created the sculpture out of raw stone. The initial decade of nurturing was under their conduction. Hmm for that matter a daughter is more or less referred as mother's reflection.

The love for maternal things is just eternal. It's like antique gold ; more adorable it grows with time. Tightly you hook with new relationships ; older threads strengthens up. That's the reason I still sob hard at those doli episodes, a bidaai event around or a daughter's leave-taking. I believe to many married girls such instances must be flash back off their home escapes too.

God explicitly gave daughter's the privilege to have two houses…...but he forgot to actualize the ownership. A boy shall always be mamma's boy; then who classified the opposite for girls?

Betiyan sach mein paraya dhan hi hoti hai !! The biggest kohinoor of parents; that belongs to the English men now.

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