Parenting with Maids !!
|   Jul 27, 2016
Parenting with Maids !!

Maids are the life savers for most of the working mums or an extra oxygen cyllinder for the baby sitter mommies. I correct myslef on this; as I would call them DOMESTIC help. They are a ray of hope and a ounce of relaxation. They are smart people with skills and definitely have a good hand in 20s parenting.It is rare to find a kiddies house without a domestic help. She is like a angel to most of mums with few extra hands. She is star of the house. From getting them good stuff to eat with the kid and draping best hygienic clothes. Domestic helps are like families now. They are going on vacations and movies too.

Infact you can call them half mum. Why not ? They know kids better.What they kid is convinced for a to make bathing fun and those evening walks are just inseparable part of their friendship. Even these days we too choose maids as if we going for an matrimony encounter. There are list of expectations. From being household master and kids fairy lady, a domestic help is asked for character with bunch of moral values

 Yes you heard it right....of course if she has values it will influence the child's persona. I have witnessed the site of maids advising baby to say NAMASTE  to aunty".

Few parents are lucky who could fetch a caring help with bucks and few are unfortunate to adopt a headache or a VIP guest.

Whatever good or bad, experiences with maids never makes us stop craving for them. Even at times we can see an envios link to it....after jewellery ,dresses and of course caring hubbies ladies couldn't stop FLAUNTING MAIDS. Teri wali meri se achi kaise.........."

Definitely whenever modern time will talk about parenting.......domestic help will be given some credit. They have some connecting links. They are becoming inseparable luxory and desirable addiction. Cheers to them!!

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