Hmmm... is that your husband type
|   Mar 17, 2017
Hmmm... is that your husband type

"We are to get the report card tomorrow", beamed Shruti the moment Ashish returned from office in the evening.

Shruti was very excited her only daughter Ria, who was four years old was to get her report card of nursery class. The first of them both. Tia as a student and Shruti as mom.

She wanted to make the day special for the family of three. She, her husband Ashish, and Tia. She had been waiting for Ashish the whole day planning out surprises to please and motivate Tia, together.

"Hmmmm..." was the reply. 

"You will come with me and Ria", she asked with curiosity.


"You have surely informed in office that you would be late". She continued.


"What should we plan for Tia, after the report card", Shruti tried again.

"For what...."finally Ashish responded and ironically Shruti blasted.

It happens not only with Shruti, but all of us. If you have ever experienced it , you know what I am talking about. The new breed of husbands.... the hmmm... types.

These husbands are very polite with limited vocabulary and the most frequently used word being hmmm... This breed is found commonly but is yet unexplored and unexplained. They're usually liked by all aquaintants, except their wife. It is because they are hardly ever found fighting or bickering with their wives. The wives are presumed to be the decision makers and thus the dominant ones.

Many of us have this breed of husbands. They are all words outside the house, cordial, concerned and cool. They are generally liked as they are not the volatile types. But, the most difficult to deal with as a husband.

"Where are we going in vacation, dear".

"Hmm...let's see".

"How is the food? I tried this recipe for the first time".

"Hmmmm... good".

The perfect answer to every question is.. Hmmmm... No arguements, no discussions, no commitments. End of all futile talks. Many jokes are also generously found in social media about the nagging wives who try to talk out their husbands, and endlessly torture them with their small talk. 

Has a thought ever been spared for the wife. Who for me is the poor wife, waiting the whole day to talk to her husband only to listen to hmmm... This breed of indifferent husbands is the most difficult to deal with. 

The family looks happy as their are no fights. You need two parties to fight, discuss , argue. But when one party is the hmmmm... types you can have nothing of the sort. 

But what about the wife. She has only her husband with whom she wants to share her feelings, fears, dreams. She is the one to leave her family, friends and a part of her own self after marriage. The husbands get a new addition in their lives without any subtraction in relationships. They retain their own family, friends and post marriage, also a companion and later toys to play with, as children.

The husbands should thus be made to realize the role a wife expects from them. Today a women is as educated and capable as man. Rather than depicting her as a nagging and confused female, what we need to emphasize upon is the need for togetherness and camaraderie between the husband and wife.

Recently I saw a video on social media where a wife is constantly asking her husband whether to go for a short haircut or no. He replies in monosyllables, yes or no, as per the arguements of the wife and finally going nuts with her reasoning. It's a funny video, which many of you might have watched. Couldn't it have been more positive if the two would sit together, discuss and the husband gave his sincere advise. I guess this is what the lady of the house would have wanted. The final decision, she is confident enough to take. 

Let'change out outlook. The wife does not discuss every minute thing with her husband because she is under confident. It is only because she trusts him , values him and wants to share herself with him.

Well, if you too are blessed with the hmm.... types of husband, don't panic. You are not alone.  You have a large company. Let's together try to conduct a study on this breed and find out ways to tackle them together.

Next , I would write on ways to deal with indifferent husbands, the hmmm... types. If you have any thoughts and experiences, do share. Together we can , and we will find a cure.:D.

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