|   Feb 14, 2017

Love wrings your heart like it is a wet towel. It is the soup that warms your insides.

It is midsummer night’s rain. It is the winter sunshine.

Love makes you go weak in the knees. It steels your resolve.    

Love is in the kisses and the cusses.

Love is the giving and in the taking.

Love is in the batter and the banter.

Love makes you itchy and restless. It is the thing that lets her be.   

Love is in the dance and in the fight.

Love is in the silence and in the laughter.

Love is in the support and the respect.

Love is young. Love is ageless.

Love is in knowing that she is different from you, yet equal to you.  

Love is on your lips. It is in your eyes.

Love is in coming home.

Love is what you serve even when you are hungry.

Love is what brings you closer. It is what makes you go the distance.

Love is the thing that keeps you alive. For love, you are ready to die.   

That’s the thing about love. It might seem bloody complicated, but it isn’t. It is the truest, straightest, simplest thing ever.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you.


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