My Friends from MARS !!!
|   May 17, 2016
My Friends from MARS !!!

No... I'm not Rohit in Koi Mil Gaya and my friends didn't come to earth on a space ship. They are born on this earth the same way as you & me.  Now you may be thinking how people born on earth are from Mars. That's because everyone says that they don't think or face situations like me or say like women do. Yes ! I am talking about my male friends.  I don't know any other word  for them because they are not my boyfriends . Men who are very good friends of mine. I have read the book " Men are from Mars & Women from Venus". So I happily say  "My friends from Mars". From here on Iet's call them JAADU ! 

I have some vague memories of my childhood friends, boys & girls with whom I played. While growing up,at school I never had a friendship with any boy. And at home also my father was strict & we were given regular instructions not to look at boys or talk to them. But truth is that I was curious to know why not to look at boys & I used to !!! 

JAADU no-1
It was my first day of college. Those times, after tenth it was pre-degree & we used to go to college instead of plus one. Seniors came in groups and we were asked to give our introduction to everyone. He was one of them, a final year student. Days passed and he,along with his one or two friends used to come to my class to chat with our group of girls. Very soon we became good friends. I used to look forward for lunch time when I shared my tiffin with him. After a few months he got graduated and left college. My family got shifted to Lucknow. But our friendship continued through letters. God knows from where he got that small notepad of which he used single page to write letters. Maximum ten lines from his life- I saw this picture, I am doing this course, etc.. But he regularly sent replies to my letters. Don't remember when it got stopped. But after 20 years still we remain friends. We both met with our families two years back. Can say- Still in touch but through phone calls once or twice in a year.  He is my first JAADU.

JAADU no-2

I was going for a final round interview and he was with me. We both got selected and started working together. Though we worked in different offices, we used to meet often for meetings & trainings. Then after some months we both worked in the same office for about a month. Initially our friendship started off because we both speak Malayalam. Later it was like opposites attract... I am very talkative & out going and there he was calm & soft spoken. Whenever we were together I talked non stop because there was this good listener infront of me. Once we were going to attend a colleague's marriage. Mumbai local trains were over crowded and I couldn't think of getting in to ladies compartment. As we were a group of 6-7 people, we got in to general compartment. I was not at all concerned about the crowd & kept on talking to him. Later I realised how he was standing almost covering me but not touching me. He had actually made my journey secure. Sometimes people touch your heart without uttering even a single word. He is that kind of a person, always with a smile. He regularly calls me up even after almost eight years of that job. He can understand my mood from my sound when he calls up.  A person who appreciates the silly things I do, who cheers me up, to whom I can open up my mind, who shares the worries & happiness of his life with me. A true friend. My second dearest JAADU.

JAADU no-3

The third person I want to write about is a family friend. Don't know what to call him- friend or brother. He first came to our home with a group of friends to meet my newborn son. Don't know when & how he became a part of our lives. I consider him & his wife as my son's God parents. They are the only people who understands him as we, his parents do. I never had to ask anything. He was always there to plan & execute functions for my son. Now he got shifted to home town, still he is there available on phone, when ever needed. A person who can tell me when & where I am wrong, who can ask me not to do a thing,  who assures that I have a home to walk in when ever needed. A person who is concerned about me & my family.  My third dearest JAADU.

Yes. I agree Men are from Mars, but they are great friends women can have. I am blessed with some sweet hearts in my life. They make my life wonderful. Thank You dears !!


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