Someone please ask me "What I want to do! "
|   Jun 17, 2017
Someone please ask me "What I want to do! "

There was a time long... back, when every person wanted to know what I wanted to do after clearing my 10th std , 12th std & college. Then the questions stopped and people started asking my parents when they are getting me married. After marriage questions were about our plans of starting a family, that too ended 9 years back. Now nobody asks...

Its not that I yearn to hear people's questions, but I want to tell someone "the things my heart wants to do". But nobody asks !! So I here I am telling everyone the answer without getting that question. All of us have that hidden self inside our minds, which we keep to ourselves due to the circumstances we live in. Especially women, I think only 25% of us are independent and free from family responsibilities to live their dream. Everyone else just get adjusted to their lives and are happy with the way life is moving ahead. Still most of us carry some or other dreams in our hearts, knowing that those will always remain just dreams. But those dreams gives us an aim to look forward in our lives.

For me there are a number of such things which I want to do.  

1) I want to take a backpack and go on a tour and explore a new place when ever I feel like going.

2) I want to stay some days at a lonely place surrounded by green hills and enjoy rain, just in company of my books. 

3) I want to dance in rain like nobody is watching, till I drop.

4) I want to do a course in photography and carry my camera all the time.

5) I want to try bungee jumping

6) I want to ....

"haeh... iron this shirt quickly "  my thoughts were broken by my hubby (ha ha). The little one was calling me from the toilet "Amma..potty finish". I kept my laptop down and rushed back to my life, cleaning the little one and assisting hubby to get ready for office. The enthusiastic girl inside me went back to hiding and I am back as a wife, mother, sister, daughter.

I am happy keeping myself inside and playing different roles the life has given me. But still I keep making new plans and sometimes stealing moments for enjoying little things like getting wet in rain, drinking piping hot cup of coffee and having chats with school friends.

Hope many of you can relate to my thoughts. Please share your hidden dreams and let others know about those.


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