Wet on wet painting- A must try Colour Therapy
|   Jun 03, 2016
Wet on wet painting-  A must try Colour Therapy
I am a person who can't stick to any one hobby. Sometimes drawing, Fabric painting, decorating wine bottles, stitching, cooking, reading etc. One thing that has been with me from childhood & I still loves is only Reading. But I find it interesting to try different things. So when I did the course in ECC (Early childhood care), I was happy to know that puppet making, knitting, music & painting were parts of the syllabus. As the school (#Vishwajyot High School, Kharghar) follows Waldorf System of education, paintings are taught in a very different manner. As I loved the way its done, I am sharing it here.  The Cover Photo of this blog is the one I did for presentation & the below one as a gift to a friend.
Water colours or Poster colours are used to paint. Mix any colour with water to make the consistency moderate thin. We have to submerge drawing (Catridge) paper in water kept in a tub. Soak it properly, take out & drain excess water. Place the paper neatly on painting board or other flat, smooth, waterproof surface. Check properly that no bubbles are formed under the paper. Now take a broad brush, dip in the colour and start applying it on the wet paper. As soon as the brush touches the paper, the magic begins.  The wet paper absorbs the colour so fast & the colour starts spreading on its own. If we use different colours on same paper, we can see that each colour has a character of its own.  If red is ready to mingle, Blue tries to go away from it.  We can experiment with different colours in different ways. Use 2 or 3 basic colours on same paper in different shapes Or mix basic colours & make new colours. But keep in mind that the painting should not be moved from the surface until dry. 
The reason behind writing this article is that, I found it very relaxing. We don't have to be very creative to do this. Just try & enjoy playing with colours. Bright colours like red & yellow bring happiness, Green brings a calm effect to our minds. For Kids its very useful to bring concentration & relaxation to their minds. And most of the kids love playing with colours. Even without any particular shape or any drawing, colours look beautiful on paper. Its a kind of calming therapy for adults.  Sit quietly, appreciate colours & relax. A basic painting image is given below.

Image source : http://simplehomeschool.net/painting-wet-on-wet-waldorf-watercolors-for-children

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