What's special about mothers of blessed children
|   Aug 29, 2016
What's special about mothers of blessed children

I don't like to call these kids special, challenged or different.  To me kids like my son are blessed souls, so they are destined to get more care and love through out their life from everyone around. Now what is special about being a mother to a blessed kid?

When mothers like me get to talk to each other, we are excited to share the small achievements of our kids. Like he asked for Roti ! He read a new word ! he ate dinner himself without any help ! He stayed calm at a party !! If someone else hears this, they would normally think what's the big deal in this. Are these so exciting for mothers of 6 & 7 year old kids ?? But for us.. its very special that its like winning an Olympic medal.

- I do baby talk with my seven year old, which is normally not done by any mothers of other seven year old. I have succeeded in making friendship with my son, who otherwise fails to make friendship with peers.  Me & his father are his friends.

- As soon as we get to know about our kid's condition, we turn in to researchers. We collect information from every where. Internet,Newspapers, magazines, doctors, friends and even from strangers. I am sure there are mothers who can apply for a PhD and can pass it easily with the knowledge they have acquired through this research.

- We turn in to counsellors also. As we know that only mothers with such kids can understand each other, we rely on them for any matter. When ever one is feeling low, the other mom turns in to a counsellor to cheer her up. 

- Many times we act like we are blind & deaf. As mentioned in one of my earlier blogs, when my kid throws tantrums or behaves differently in a public place, we moms shut our mind's windows so that we don't feel bad about the situation and can handle it with ease. So we are actors too.

- For each and every small achievements of our kids, we jump with joy, clap, do hi-fives & celebrate. so we are cheerleaders also.

- As its always in our minds to help our child learn from everything we do, special mothers make it point to make an activity for their kid in each & everything they do.  May it be brushing, bathing, folding clothes, cooking, shopping etc. We make the activities for Tactile & Auditory stimulation. We sing all the time to catch the little one's attention. We play with sand & water colours. The list goes on. As a doctor told me once- "Mothers are the best therapists". So we are full time therapists also.

These are a few of the things which special mothers do in their every day lives. This write up is dedicated to all mothers who take an extra step to keep the confidence up in their kids. I thank all moms who have inspired me to do whatever small things I am doing now for my little one.

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