Happy 1st Birthday my darling !!
|   Jan 31, 2016
Happy 1st Birthday my darling !!

Coco my baby darling, 

Since you are still too little to understand my words, I am putting all that I feel in this letter to you.

It’s your first birthday and I am super excited and busy making all preparations to make it a special day for you.

The last one year has been all fun and tiring for all of us, as all three of us were figuring out new things together.

Last year this very day you blessed our life with your lovely presence. As clichéd , no I didn't fall in love with you at the first sight. The first time held you, I was scared, I was coping with my own pain and didn't know what to feel. But I always knew that you are mine and started doing everything I was supposed to do for you. And then I can't say when but with each coming day your innocence and trust, replaced all my fear into love. Our little one, you have brought love and joy that can't be explained, just felt. We have laughed because of you and for you on the most hectic, tensed and dull days of our life.

On this very day, I pray with all my heart that you grow into a strong, fearless and kind person one day.

Amba and Papu are very proud of you baby.


Love u forever!!

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