Handling the kids when husband is out of town! 
|   Mar 30, 2016
Handling the kids when husband is out of town! 

It was half past mid night, i couldn't sleep. Tears rolled down my eyes, all of my feelings were  bursting out just like a volcano. The constant murmuring of my thoughts Ahh! My head hurts. I just want to go to sleep. Suddenly my 4 year old dropped his leg on my belly and my 2 year old girl has already wrapped her leg on my neck. I couldn't sleep. 

My husband is mostly out of town for work. I think you can understand my situation pretty well. Handling daily chores including their tantrums and sometimes when they get sick OMG! 

I just want to scream, shout and bang my head.But still it isn't the hard part, the hard part starts when your near and so called dear says"Why are you making soo much fuss, can't you handle two kids being a stay at home mom" and the other one follows "We have done it in our age without the help of our husband's you are very lucky your husband helps you, even though you can't take care of two? "

I just want to say only one thing to all of them"I am also a human being who needs atleast 10 minutes to take bath and have a cup of coffee peacefully  and its hard to give myself that time"

At the end I console myself "Our Lil ones life is very precious to us " they don't know what we are going through. 

Hope all the mothers who are going through same phase of life should come out with flying colours. 

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