Sow a seed of nature
|   Jun 26, 2016
Sow a seed of nature

The time has come where we can see the end of our children and their children with our own eyes. I know my words may seem very harsh and inappropriate to all. But try to answer atleast some of my questions? 

                   What are we offering as a future gift to our kids? Lets start with basic necessities like air- Nope, no chance with all the vehicles, companies,cutting of trees esp. due to urbanisation, we are unable to provide atleast a clean air to breath. Water-"OMG! My son is drinking tap water, fever or cold should not come" or we heard almost everyone saying" i give only boiled water or filtered water", but are you confident whatever he is drinking is safe, it just happened few months back when the usual water from corporation was dusty in colour i thought may be tank is not clean, but the other day when i dropped my son to school and returning i found out that drainage lines and water lines got somewhere mixed up due to some repair. I can't imagine our kids drinking same water. Noise-most of us live in cities so no need to explain that, we all are very well aware. Food-we have seen, heard and unknowingly eaten all that pesticide and fertilizer stuff including some chemicals which are very hazardous but still being used for food colouring or fruit ripening process. So by all means i feel we are in some ways unable to provide a clean, pure way because of which generation after generation the genes are getting weak. Our parents are stronger than us, but we don't have the same strength as they do, and our kids don't have the strength as we are having. And the lifespan is keep on decreasing now the average lifespan has dropped to 65 years. God knows whatelse we have to see in future for our elders and our mistakes. Nature has become very unstable. We all should come up with some good ideas to atleast reduce the effect. 

                 Out of which i got an idea were  we should make it as a rule to grow plants as much as possible. Indoor, outdoor, small, big plants, what variety it doesn't matter atleast a plant per person, so if we have four members in a house four plants, if not  atleast a plant from a home.I know some may say i don't have that much time to take care of it but when we can spare time for our kids then why not for their future.And i know nobody is more stronger than mother when it comes about her children. Least we can provide is pure and clean air.And please send your suggestions on other aspects if you can think of any.Lets not bring the change but be the change. 

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