10 Games that improve your child’s motor skills
|   Jul 28, 2014
10 Games that improve your child’s motor skills

As children grow, they need to develop a sense of balance, as well as their coordinate movements according to their visual input. All the daily activities that we perform, whether it is walking, writing, dressing up, or even crossing a busy road, require good synchronization between the eyes and body. This is why the development of motor skills is vital.

We can help our children improve their motor skills while playing with them at home or while they are at daycare. There are ample ways to help them strengthen their body muscles, practice coordination and develop their motor skills.

Here are 10 games that engage and enhance a child’s motor skills:

1.        Sports and General Exercises

There is absolutely nothing better than sports to boost a child’s muscle strength and motor skills. Almost every game requires perfect coordination between the brain and body. Exercises such as jumping, push-ups, toe touches, leg lifts, and sports like football, cricket and tennis are popular choices for enhancing your child’s motor skills.

 2.       Play-Dough 

Play-Dough is a great way to help your child develop fine motor skills. Children love to knead and shape colourful clay dough. The best thing about it is that it’s easy enough to make at home. So, no money is wasted buying it from the market again and again!

 3.       Hopscotch

Hopscotch is an age old favourite among kids, all over the world. It requires a coordinated effort of jumping and landing on a fixed spot. Encourage your kids to jump, skip and hop. These activities build their stamina and sense of body balance.

 4.      Hide and Seek

Though it may not seem like it, hide and seek is a great game to help build your child’s motor skills. First of all, by playing it, children learn that even though they cannot see objects, the objects exist in reality. You can make this concept interesting by showing your child a few articles and hiding them around the room. Set a time limit and let him search for the objects in that. This is also a fun way to boost awareness and build memory.

5.         Twister

The art of playing this game involves listening to the body part and colour that the referee calls out. When you hear “Right Foot… Red!” put your right foot on the red circle on the mat. It may sound easy, but soon enough you’ll find yourself reaching around the other players to follow the referee’s directions. Avoid falling over as the last player standing wins!

This game is devised for non-stop action and it progresses into complicated postures as contestants try to outwit each other. Since this game is played as a team competition, the game stimulates team spirit and social interaction amongst the players and improves their ability to think.

6.        Balance Beam

Encourage your child to walk across a balance beam. Another version could involve taking a rope and laying it on the floor in twists and turns. Now ask your kid to walk in small steps, forwards or backwards, with good control.

 7.       Threading

Stacking, sorting, threading and beading are all good activities to build motor skills. Manual dexterity is highly refined through these deeds.

8.      Pictionary

Pictionary is a popular game that develops your child’s drawing and cognition skills. Children get to read what to draw, and then they try to find the easiest way to convey the word using their drawing skills. Writing and colouring activities also refine motor skills.

 9.      Video Games

 Action, adventure and drama- one can find everything in the video games! Though you must keep a strict watch on your child’s screen time, you can allow him/her to play video games which can aid in refining cognition and hand-eye coordination.

 10.    Motion Sensing games

 Motion Sensing games provide a realistic experience, and encourage the development of hand muscles among kids!

All these games will help – but did you know that if your child has enough DHA, it will boost his/her motor skill development, especially in their early critical years? Enfagrow A+ is a milk supplement designed to provide 75mg DHA per day in 3 servings. Give your child some, and watch their motor skills improve with ease!

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